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future brown

Continuing their reign as the most exciting supergroup/collaborative project around, Future Brown aka Nguzunguzu, Fatima Al Qadiri and J-Cush let loose an absolute steamer today. Featuring Prince Rapid and Dirty Danger of Ruff Sqwad and former Roll Deep member Roachee, “World’s Mine” finds a prime middle ground between classic era grime and the spacious, eski-derived sound many modern day producers have adopted. Future Brown are currently working on a debut LP, which will feature guest vocalists like Tink, Ian Isiah, Shawnna and Kelela and is sure to be a world beating effort.


2013 has been quite the year for collaborations and it doesn’t look like the harmonious spirit will quell anytime soon. Last week, we got Future Brown, the supergroup of J-Cush, Nguzunguzu and Fatima Al Qadiri, and now the latter has joined up with space age grime technician Visionist for a new slumper. “The Call” will appear on Visionist’s upcoming I’m Fine EP for Lit City and highlights the two trendy-as-fuck producers via some brilliantly turned down percussion and frighteningly beatific choral work. It’s easy to get lost in the hype surrounding these two grime luminaries, but they come through more often than not and are imprinting their clean, spacious sound on the masses for better or worse.

future brown

The latest supergroup to emerge from the American dance avant-garde, Future Brown sees Daniel and Asma of Nguzunguzu, Fatima Al Qadiri and J-Cush focusing their vast collective skill sets on one extraordinary project. The first track to emerge from the crew, “Wanna Party”, features Chicago MC Tink at peak performance, as well as additional production work from MikeQ. Despite the large number of people involved with “Wanna Party”, Al Qadiri’s sonic aesthetic appears at the forefront, all foreboding keys and sparse, grime indebted percussion. It’s an exciting premise to imagine exactly how Nguzunguzu’s hip hop/club sensibilities and J-Cush’s footwork past will play into forthcoming Future Brown releases.

Fatima Al Qadiri is quite possibly the most unlikely member of the growing American club sound. Al Qadiri grew up in Kuwait amidst the Gulf War and was inextricably effected by the violence and despair . Over the past 12 years, she has lived in eight different cities, but her childhood in Kuwait has stuck in her personal life and in her music. In a few weeks (October 23), Al Qadiri’s Desert Strike EP will be released on Kingdom’s Fade To Mind imprint. If you’re not familiar, Fade To Mind is one of the foremost purveyors of American club sounds, from MikeQ’s ballroom house to Nguzunguzu’s shapeless bass creations. Musically, Al Qadiri fits in the Fade To Mind mold as she has dabbled in recent en vogue club sounds like Juke, Hip Hop and even 90’s style Gregorian trance. Like most of her other work, the EP’s overriding theme is her childhood, right down to the EP and track names. Stream “Ghost Raid” now and be sure to check out Al Qadiri’s Global Wav blog.