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One criticism of Suffolk-resident Gerry Read’s house and techno creations is that they’re often obfuscated in a layer of clattering live percussion that makes their original intent difficult to decipher. This quality is actually part of what makes Read’s music so intrinsically interested to me, but it has definitely turned off more than a few listeners. The opening vocal sample simply stating “new style” on Read’s remix of Clouds’ “I’ll Be Broke” should make some happy though as he takes the Blawan/Kowton path into techno oblivion. Clouds’ Gold Panda-esque original is deemed unintelligible under Read’s huge stomp boxes and heavy distortion and the result is a truly original off-the-rails techno track. Truly no fucks given music. Stream below and grab the Clouds remix EP here.

I can’t pretend to have known Austin Peralta or to be profound enough to properly eulogize him, but what I can do is recognize the enormous outpouring of love for a young man and transcendent musician who has tragically passed away. It’s easy to portray false love/appreciation through a computer screen, but I truly believe in the genuine nature of the hundreds of tributes that have popped up across the web. I remember seeing Austin at Low End Theory earlier this year and remarking on the ingenuity of his (quite literally) mind melting solos, but leaving halfway through the set nonetheless. Whether it was a lack of patience or just pure laziness, I can’t remember, but Austin’s passing has enlarged a feeling of deep personal regret. On a larger scale, Austin’s passing, like his music, is a remark on the ephemeral nature of life itself. So please, listen to this recording from Austin’s release party in Eagle Rock last year and recognize the incandescence that was Austin Peralta.

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Next week (November 19), Gerry Read will release his debut long player, Jummy, on Fourth Wave. For a taste of the album, check out “Let’s Make It Deeper”, a fine example of the London producer’s unique take on the deeper realms of the house sphere. While the album is still a week away, you can get a taste of Read’s production prowess via his minimalist acid take on Hot Coins’ “Geek Emotions”. The remix is fairly dense and slow developing, but around 1:25, soaring synth washes enter the picture and the track’s innate clutter immediately disappears. At least for the time being. Stream Read’s remix below and head over to XLR8R for the freebie.

In the few interviews that 20 year-old British producer Gerry Read has given, he’s espoused an antagonism towards escapist club culture, as opposed to introspection in the actual music creation process. Read’s music has often been referred to as minimalist, but it’s actually fairly noisy, opting for a clattering approach that vaguely acts as deep house, but really exists in a category of its own. Read’s displeasure over the state of club culture is readily apparent in his music as well, refusing to submit to the standard paradigms of House music and even ignoring the trends (impressive as they may be) of his UK counterparts like Joy Orbison, Pearson Sound, etc.. Read’s latest effort, “Let’s Make It Deeper”, will appear on his debut full-length, Jummy, which is set to be released on November 19 via 4th Wave. Stream below.