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On first listen, Giraffage’s music is rather unremarkable, a seemingly benign mixture of hip hop, R&B and contemporary production methods. Basically what everyone else is doing. After a few listens though, the appeal emerges in a hurry. Born Charlie Yin, the San Francisco-resident just has a way with vocals. Disembodied and dissonant, Yin reworks vocals into spindly melodies, weaving their way above, below and in-between the melody. Single words and snippets of popular hooks emerge suddenly and disappear just as quickly. Like-minded artists Kastle and Dreams have a similar way with their vocals. Shlohmo takes it to the extreme. Even Jersey Club artists like DJ Sliink and DJ Kiff manage to have their way with pop tropes, albeit with an entirely different outcome. Giraffage and the others are making pop music for the Adderall-addled future generations.


So so many other Golden State producers of his ilk, Giraffage has been on a constant upward trajectory over the past few years and appears primed to make some major waves at the intersection of dance music and hip hop. San Francisco-born Charlie Yin’s latest effort, “Close 2 Me”, features a sample from Cathy Dennis’ disco anthem “Touch Me All Night Long” and light-hearted squiggling synth stabs. The high hat-heavy percussion offers up a light hearted angle to the somewhat tedious vocal sample, which comes off as heavy-handed for the most of the track. “Close 2 Me” will appear on Giraffage’s Needs tape, which drops February 12 via Alpha Pup.

We were last with San Francisco-based producer Charlie Yin aka Giraffage when he remixed Kid Smpl’s “What Kept Us” last month. Yin is back with an addictive remix of The-Dream’s “Shawty In Da Shit”. The remix relies on a dreamy synths and filtered vocals that just exude sex appeal. Sexy yacht music for those rare sunny Fall days. Shawty certainly is the shit. Stream and download below.

Remix albums generally follow a pretty standard formula: enlist like-minded producers (and maybe one or two odd balls) to riff off of concepts devised on the original EP. Alex Ruder and Kid Smpl take a different approach on the newly released Dope Pac SE, the second release on Ruder’s Hush Hush Records. Grabbing talent from literally across the globe, the EP is an across the spectrum exhibition in exercising the Night Bus sound. Bay Area native 88:88 flips “Relief” into a club track, properly suited for some dank underground dancefloor filled with paranoiacs. Seattle’s own DJAO (of Dropping Gems) also takes on “Relief”, first mutating it into his own version of Night Bus, that is until the percussion mounts into one of AO’s most captivating rhythms yet. The tape is a look into the multiple ways that Kid Smpl’s music can be mutated into different forms by producer’s that align themselves with Hush Hush and Night Bus (Anthony Elect has a release on Hush Hush coming out late 2012/early 2013), as well as producers who come from entirely different spheres of influence. The EP is free so you have no excuse  not to grab it.