Giraffage Remixes Owl Eyes’ “Closure”


On first listen, Giraffage’s music is rather unremarkable, a seemingly benign mixture of hip hop, R&B and contemporary production methods. Basically what everyone else is doing. After a few listens though, the appeal emerges in a hurry. Born Charlie Yin, the San Francisco-resident just has a way with vocals. Disembodied and dissonant, Yin reworks vocals into spindly melodies, weaving their way above, below and in-between the melody. Single words and snippets of popular hooks emerge suddenly and disappear just as quickly. Like-minded artists Kastle and Dreams have a similar way with their vocals. Shlohmo takes it to the extreme. Even Jersey Club artists like DJ Sliink and DJ Kiff manage to have their way with pop tropes, albeit with an entirely different outcome. Giraffage and the others are making pop music for the Adderall-addled future generations.

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