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In the past 12 months, Fort Romeau has elevated himself into the upper echelon of the house music world in a seemingly effortless rise to prominence. Through a series of tactful remixes (Holy Other, Parris Mitchell, New Jackson) and two wholly impressive 12″ (SW9, “Jetee”/”Desire”), the London-based producer has managed to distinguish himself from the faux revivalist masses, although what makes his sound so damn effective is difficult to articulate. Obviously, he’s technically proficient and possesses a great sense of melody, but there’s something else that makes him such a joy to listen to that I can’t quite put my finger on. What I would guess is that Fort Romeau fully understands the context, both historical and modern, that his music exists in. In this he avoids being derivative while also striving for something more progressive and didactic. I could be wrong, but regardless, Romeau is, and will continue to be, one of the most brilliantly effective producers in the dance music nexus.

Sometimes it’s frustrating when an artist teases his fans like Derwin Schlecker aka Gold Panda is doing right now. It’s been almost two years since the Panda’s last full length, Lucky Shiner, and while we’ve received several EP’s and 12″, nothing quite as revelatory as the album has surfaced. Nonetheless, when Schlecker drops bombs like his most recent remix of Minotaur Shock’s “Saundersfoot”, there’s not much to complain about. Apparently recorded through an old 1960’s German mixer, the remix maintains the raw analogue feel that Schlecker has maintained throughout his career. The simple yet beautiful chord progression allows the syncopated percussion to drive the track, reminiscent of Four Tet and Burial’s “Nova”. Sometimes frustration is misplaced. Stream the remix below and get it for free over at XLR8R.

The fantastically whimsical UK-based Gold Panda has graced us with a brand new single called “Mountain,” backed with a great track titled “Financial District.” These two tracks include familiar elements from previous Gold Panda material, such as Middle Eastern and Asian-influenced instruments and samples, paired with noisy percussion and head-bobbing beats. At about two and a half minutes in, “Mountain” morphs almost entirely from an ethereal, low-key musing to a full-on glitchy celebration. The B-side, “Financial District,” balances upon warped horns and chopped-up vocal samples, sounding like something shiny swimming around at the bottom of the ocean. Listen below.


I’m just gonna let Derwin Schlecker take it away on this one.

a track I made on a korg es-1 in about 10mins and jammed out for my mate called “Infinite Livez” to freestyle on at a last minute gig/dj set thing in Berlin a while back and I hadn’t eaten much and also had to dj and I’m a shit dj but I just played a bunch of records anyway and Inf’ helped me out by freestyling for me. He’s a nice bloke and a great artist. I just made a cup of tea. Maybe I’ll invite him over.

Yeah yeah yeah, we get it. You’re supremely talented. You can make incredible tunes on a whim outside of your comfort zone. You’re a friendly guy who likes tea. I get it. Now please be my friend.

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Sorry folks, it’s been a little quiet over here recently and Robin Pecknold has been at the top of the page for far too long.

Ghostly International rep Gold Panda released a new track to his Soundcloud a few hours ago and while most likely not an album or EP cut, it’s always a treat to get new Panda tunes. “Thailand Chord Droner” starts with a crunchy bassline and builds over the tracks two minutes into a nice dance riddim. Gold Panda has been slowly releasing tunes over the last year or so, but what we really need is a followup to 2010’s Lucky Shiner. If you haven’t been ensnared by his the music yet, please see him live. I have never seen a DJ so masterfully build on his own tracks into a cacophony of sound before smoothing everything out and creating pure bliss. Stream “Thailand Chord Droner” below and be sure to look out for live dates in your city.