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If you follow us on the various modes of social media we frequent, you’ve probably noticed that we have a little bit of a crush on Claire Boucher aka Grimes. Ever since reading the tail of Boucher’s Tom Sawyer-esque houseboat adventure down the Mississippi, we were stricken by the dreamy vixen. That haircut, the fact that she’s from our corner of the woods and her obsession with Blawan all speak directly to our hearts. If you frequent this blog, you are probably also aware of our infatuation with Jersey Club kingpin, and recent tarp purveyor, DJ Sliink. Yesterday, Sliinky Sliink upgraded his Soundcloud (free downloads for all!) and uploaded a brand new remix of Grimes’ standout track “Oblivion” as a sort of symbolic champagne shower (at least in our minds). Honestly not Sliink’s best rework, but fuck it, Grimes + Sliink should make everyone happy. Stream and download below.

Our favorite radio station, Seattle’s KEXP, caught Vancouver BC dream-pop songstress Grimes for a short in-studio performance back in February, shortly after her album Visions was released. Crouched on the studio floor surrounded by tangled chords and knobs, Grimes delivers three ethereal songs through a mixture of layered instrumentals and drum tracks, keyboard melodies and super-delayed, innocent-sounding live vocals. Beginning with her song “Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U),” and continuing almost immediately into “Genesis,” she then stops for a short interview with host Cheryl Waters before finishing out her set with “Be A Body.” Check out the full video below.