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gunplay isaiah toothtaker

A few months ago, we featured an interesting Blue Sky Black Death remix of a to-be-released song by Gunplay and Isaiah Toothtaker called “Frownin'”. The combination of Miami’s Gunplay and Arizona’s Toothtaker seemed left field at first, but both MC’s flow together impressively and the song is a cauldron of reckless abandon, vivid street realism and cutthroat punchlines. Yesterday, a full Frownin’ EP (mixtape?) was released featuring both the original measure and a bevy of remixes from producers as varied as Low End Theory regular Free The Robots and mashup bloggers The Hood Internet. It’s a mixed bag quality-wise, but their are quite a few interesting takes on the originals, the most engrossing coming from Robert Vaughn aka PrisonGarde’s (formerly retired?) Sixtoo alias. This isn’t a tape you’re going to want to listen to front to back, but the tape takes an interesting approach and the artwork is brilliant. Stream and download below.

gunplay and isaiah toothtaker

Is there a more fitting name than “Frownin” for a track that features both the knuckle throwing knucklehead and a man who supposedly carries around a jar of his bar fight victim’s teeth? Not in this realm of existence. We all know Gunplay, but let me introduce you to Isaiah Toothtaker, Arizona MC and calcified structure collector. Co-founder of rising hardcore clique Machina Muerte, Toothtaker has been getting some press among the heads, but has been largely ignored by the more pop oriented folk. Kind of like Gunplay. Both rappers hit like a lyrical shotgun and are some of the most prolific punchline technicians around and both fit perfectly on “Frownin”. Did I mention that this is a remix? Helmed by Blue Sky Black Death? The Seattle duo’s work sans-Nacho Picasso hasn’t garnered them as much attention as it should, but “Frownin” should change that. We’re not exactly sure when the original “Frownin” will be released so you should just grab the BSBD version below and get to headknockin’.

Is “Drop” admissible as evidence?

Few rappers maintain their pre-penitentiary levels of success after their bids, but Gunplay is looking to be one of the few. For now, the Triple C’s man is on house arrest, awaiting trial for assault and armed robbery, but that isn’t going to stop him from releasing his official solo LP, the aptly titled Medellin. “Drop” is the first single from the album and includes lines like “broad day, off safety in ya hallway”, which probably won’t help him in court. Legal matters aside, “Drop” sees Gunplay at his most irreverent,  spitting a barrage of sharp non-sequiters in his near-trademark snarl yell. Beat Billionaire provides a serviceable Luger approximation, but you have to wonder why Rozay isn’t letting loose on the production budget. Anyways, Medellin is (hopefully) out sometime early next year. Stream below.

So Gunplay is probably going to jail for a while. Seems like there’s a skilled Southern rapper who gets locked up every year. Not saying it’s a conspiracy, but Illuminati. His latest track samples Freshly Ground’s “I’d Like” (although it’s probably from that shite Mt Eden song) and sees the coke addled (what’s new?) MMGer as paranoid and antagonistic as ever. I view Gunplay as sort of new era Andre Nickatina, with some of DMX’s maniacal tendencies. That’s a good thing. Stream and download below.