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george fitzgerald

“I Can Tell (By The Way You Move)” has been floating around in rip form since at least January, but today it’s hit the web, albeit with no further info than a “forthcoming…” note on the Soundcloud upload. Like his Hotflush label boss Scuba, Fitzgerald’s music has been getting brighter and more “big room” oriented for the past few releases and “I Can Tell (By The Way You Move)” will probably end up representing the apex of that trend. It’s a Summer tune out and out that will most likely see an “Au Seve” like rise through the web/festival/BBC circuit into the workout playlists of bros across several continents. Hopefully Fitzgerald doesn’t lose his love for both production and performance as Bashmore has though. “I Can Tell (By The Way You Move)” will most likely be released on Hotflush, although the long wait between the debut and today’s unofficial seeming preview might be a sign that the track is signed to a larger label… anything is possible in our post-“Latch”/”Need U” world.

south london ordnance

From the onset of South London Ordnance’s recent 40 minute set at the Boiler Room, a distinct tone is set. That tone is of unremitting deepness and an unforgiving attention toi detail. There’s a reason why the young DJ is being lauded as one of the best in all the lands and in only 40 minutes, he manages to establish a remarkably consistent groove that caresses the listener into a dancing frenzy. Midland, Jon Convex and Boddika are all present, but it’s not so much the individual tracks that SLO plays out as it is the order sublime order they’re placed in. If you have the opportunity to see this prodigious  producer anytime soon, don’t sleep.

george fitzgerald

If you haven’t noticed, Hotflush Recordings is kind of taken over and whether you appreciate Scuba and his antics or not, it appears that the rising imprint is going to be staking its claim for quite some time. Recently, Mr. Paul Rose and George Fitzgerald got in on the action, closing out the recent Hotflush/Boiler Room event and laying down more than a few juicy exclusives in their 70 minutes behind the decks. My personal highlight came in the form of Fitzgerald’s never-heard-before “I Can Tell (By The Way You Move)”, a feel-good, peak-time stomper that has the potential for “Au Seve” like reach. It’s just that damn infectious. Dusky, xxxy, Jimmy Edgar and others also feature prominently in the mix. Stream below and find a (mostly correct) tracklist after the jump.

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locked groove

The past year has been quite a ride for Locked Groove, seeing the young Belgian producer solidify himself as one of the most dynamic producers in the house/techno world. On February 25, he will release the two part Heritage EP on Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings. An expert at mixing the smooth sexiness of classic house with rugged techno sensibilities, Locked Groove has positioned himself as one of Hotflush’s key artists and is incredibly willing to push his sound in exciting new directions with every release. Stream EP cut “Wear It Well” below and look out for the full release on the 25th.

There’s been a lot of fuss made over Hotflush boss Paul Rose aka Scuba’s transition from dubstep to house since last year and his new stylistic direction has been met with resistance from some. Personality, released in March, saw the outspoken producer unabashedly diving into the house realm , abandoning his darker mid-aughts dubstep roots and even trying on some trance outfits. By and large, the experiment has worked and it doesn’t look like Paul is going to retreat anytime soon. Last month’s “Talk Torque” fell short of Personality‘s best work though and saw Rose closer to the mainstream than ever before. The single isn’t bad by any means, but has a retread feel to it and trends more towards radio pop than i’m really comfortable with. “Hardbody” has made the radio rounds in recent weeks and  drops on December 10 via Hotflush. Maybe it’s because Rose is sick of trance (not likely), or maybe he just doesn’t give a fuck what we all think (most likely), but “Hardbody” sees him entertaining a bouncy deep house sound we haven’t heard before. Similar to Julio Bashmore’s “Au Seve”, Scuba utilizes vocals to increase and relieve tension at will over a huge bassline. Stream below and start the countdown to December 10.

While I generally assume that every city in Britain has a wealth of multi-talented teenage producers just aching to break out of their dreary lives, apparently Nottingham is somewhat lacking in the sonic creativity department, Whowuddathunk? Two 20 year-olds are single handedly changing that image (at least in my mind). Liam and Robin, who together form Shelter Point, are pushing vocal-driven garage rhythms into new territories and will release their debut EP on Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings, titled Forever For Now. Mount Kimbie is the first name to come to mind when listening to the Forever For Now’s vocal-driven, garage-indebted rhythms, but Shelter Point take a more overt, pop-oriented approach than Kimbie (although that might change on the new album). With a pretty clear understanding of pop conventions, Liam and Robin fit their lo-fi, dubstep tempo sound into 3-4 minute long tracks, replete with enough hooks, bridges and verses to make Paul Epworth proud. Forever Now is out next week, but you can stream the full EP right now over at XLR8R. Stream the first track off the release, “Braille”, below.

Over the past nine years, Seattle’s Decibel Festival has established itself as one of the premier purveyors of forward thinking electronic music in the world. While not quite as recognizable as names like Sonar or MUTEK, Decibel’s focus on live performance and technology, both through its panels and showcases, has elevated it to revered status among fans and artists alike. Like any festival, the lineup poses many difficult choices, but because Decibel is held at venues across the city, discerning festival attendees usually have to choose one or two events to hit a night. To possibly aid your decision making process, we’ve chosen the five showcases that we are most excited about. Of course, it’s impossible to predict which showcases will be the biggest hits and there will certainly be more than a few surprises. With legends like Carl Craig, Orbital, DJ Shadow and Erykah Badu’s Cannabinoids project on the bill, as well as a special visit from The Boiler Room, it is sure to be a special five days. And to be honest, you can’t really go wrong with any of the dB showcases. Without further ado, our recommendations…

Beat Prodigies Presented By LFTF Feat. Dabrye, Samo Soundboy, Kid Smpl, Keyboard Kid and Katie Kate (Wednesday September 26 @ Barboza 21+)

Unsurprisingly, the good folks at Live For The Funk have put together one of the most diverse, eccentric showcases of the entire festival. Beat Prodigies is headlined Beat scene legend and Dilla disciple Dabrye who has laid low for the the past half-decade. The Detroit native has only released one EP (as James T. Cotton), but his left-field sampleology still sounds as fresh as ever. Samo Soundboy is the founder of Body High and one of the foremost purveyors of American club music. His latest release, the 5 Dollar Paradise EP, is an exhibition in acid sounds bridging the TR-303 with contemporary club sounds that should light a fire under the Barboza dancers. Contrasting the upbeat hip hop and club sounds of the two headliners, Kid Smpl will bring the Night Bus vibes to the club. Rounding out the lineup are Keyboard Kid and Katie Kid. Expect tempos to swing wildly throughout the showcase and be prepared to vogue.. or whatever you do.

Find our Thursday-Sunday recommendations after the jump…

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