New Scuba – “Hardbody”

There’s been a lot of fuss made over Hotflush boss Paul Rose aka Scuba’s transition from dubstep to house since last year and his new stylistic direction has been met with resistance from some. Personality, released in March, saw the outspoken producer unabashedly diving into the house realm , abandoning his darker mid-aughts dubstep roots and even trying on some trance outfits. By and large, the experiment has worked and it doesn’t look like Paul is going to retreat anytime soon. Last month’s “Talk Torque” fell short of Personality‘s best work though and saw Rose closer to the mainstream than ever before. The single isn’t bad by any means, but has a retread feel to it and trends more towards radio pop than i’m really comfortable with. “Hardbody” has made the radio rounds in recent weeks and  drops on December 10 via Hotflush. Maybe it’s because Rose is sick of trance (not likely), or maybe he just doesn’t give a fuck what we all think (most likely), but “Hardbody” sees him entertaining a bouncy deep house sound we haven’t heard before. Similar to Julio Bashmore’s “Au Seve”, Scuba utilizes vocals to increase and relieve tension at will over a huge bassline. Stream below and start the countdown to December 10.

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