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jim-e stack

Ever since he jumped onto the scene with a few well-timed remixes, San Francisco-born producer/DJ Jim-E Stack has been on an impeccable streak of releases. At some point between his transition from San Francisco to New Orleans, and most recently New York, Stack has developed one of the most refined sounds in the American club music game. First came the Come Between EP on Good Years, then Body High released his Bubble Boy single, all while Stack continued to spit out quality remixes. For his latest feat, Stack has taken on buzzing Bristolian Hyetal’s (of Velour and Modern Worship fame) “Jam The Network”, reducing the throbbing, riffy original into a calm, collected piece of slow house mastery. It’s almost too easy to fall into the slightly moody air of the remix, it’s pulsating rhythm growing ever more persistent without seeming to force the issue. Stack’s sense of pacing is just so on point at times that you forget that the listener forgets that they’re listening to dance music.


After returning with the Prince-like “Speedway” last month, Julio Bashmore and Hytal look primed to establish 2013 as the year of Velour. Not only will the duo release “Speedway” (along with b-side “Dial”) in the near future, but they’ve also remixed BenZel’s “Fallin’ Love” to full bedspring squeaking effect. Borrowing a good deal of influence from mid-aughts Ed Banger material, Bashmore and Hyetal utilize stomp boxes, cheesy vintage synths and a “Hyph Mngo”-esque intro for an absolutely massive crossover banger that fits perfectly atop the current trends in UK electronic music. Stream Velour’ “Fallin’ Love” remix below and hit the jump to stream “Dial”.


I would be lying if I said I didn’t love the populist direction Julio Bashmore has taken his sound over the past 12 months. Not every release has to further the critical conversation and Bashmore has pretty clearly opted for straight-up fun times over any sort of challenging project. For his latest trick, the Bristolian has linked up with Hyetal to once again form Velour, the neonic duo that debuted on Night Slugs back in 2010. The Prince is strong in “Speedway” and while not as initially intruiging as say “Booty Slammer”, the song is certainly a grower and has a way of weaseling its way into your ear canal. Fuck NASCAR tho. Stream below.