Jim-E Stack Remixes Hyetal’s “Jam The Network”

jim-e stack

Ever since he jumped onto the scene with a few well-timed remixes, San Francisco-born producer/DJ Jim-E Stack has been on an impeccable streak of releases. At some point between his transition from San Francisco to New Orleans, and most recently New York, Stack has developed one of the most refined sounds in the American club music game. First came the Come Between EP on Good Years, then Body High released his Bubble Boy single, all while Stack continued to spit out quality remixes. For his latest feat, Stack has taken on buzzing Bristolian Hyetal’s (of Velour and Modern Worship fame) “Jam The Network”, reducing the throbbing, riffy original into a calm, collected piece of slow house mastery. It’s almost too easy to fall into the slightly moody air of the remix, it’s pulsating rhythm growing ever more persistent without seeming to force the issue. Stack’s sense of pacing is just so on point at times that you forget that the listener forgets that they’re listening to dance music.

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