Helix Remixes Chits’ “Looking So Good”


Photo via Resident Advisor

Grime/techno/jungle hybrids have become all the rage in the UK over the past few months with producers like Peverelist, Girl Unit, Tessela and more striving to make their tracks as bare-bones and percussive as possible. Of course, Hessle Audio (specifically Pearson Sound) has been pushing this sound for years and has received many plaudits for it, but its recent popularity has opened the floodgates for experimentation. Of those dipping his toes into the mix, Atlanta-based Helix has produced some of the most engrossing results, starting with “Drum Track” off of Night Slugs Allstars Vol. 2 and continuing with Club Constructions Vol. 4. The young producer’s tracks are skeletal and, at times, harsh, but also retain a certain euphoric quality that resonates in his brief, but tactful synth work. On Helix’s remix of Chits’ “Looking So Good” (out now on Astro Nautico), the stomping kick drums are the clear focus, but percolating chord arrangements keep the track from fomenting into industrial madness and it’s this balance of mid-range tones and deep low end that allows the remix to function as something more than a DJ tool. Stream the remix below and look out for the vinyl release on 11/26.

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