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Besides London, Bristol might be the most musically innovative city in Britain. Known for expansive grayscales and unrepentant low end, the Bristol sound isn’t singular by any means, but it’s far more close-knit and interconnected than anything London (or even Glasgow or Manchester) has to offer. Recently, Julio Bashmore and Kowton (who come from opposite sides of the Bristol spectrum) got together in the studio and came up with the razor sharp “Mirror Song”, a track that splits the difference between Kowton’s refreshingly grating riddims and Bashmore’s increasingly pop-oriented house anthems. Debuted by (everyone’s favorite) Jackmaster on his BBC 1 show, “Mirror Song” will see a release on Bashmore’s Broadwalk Records in the near future.


In a recent interview with Resident Advisor, Jackmaster referenced a Seth Troxler set he attended in Ibiza and its impact on his own DJ style: “I remembered that you don’t need to play a new track every two minutes. You can let stuff ride out and it can be just as effective as playing quickly.” While I don’t expect Jackmaster to completely change up his rapid fire sets, everyone would benefit from hearing more than two minutes of the absolutely massive exclusives he usually spins. Take his auspiciously named Mastermix 2012 for example, a captivating two hour journey that sums up the year better than just about anyone else could. From the opening salva of John Talabot’s “So Will Be Now” to SCNTST’s unreleased “Basement Structure”, the mix is brimming with brilliance from throughout the past 12 months. Fans of the Glasgow native’s faster-paced mixing will leave satiated as will those who want to hear Joy Orbison’s Donnell Jones remix play out. Stream below and download here in exchange for your internet digits.

Jackmaster is one sixth of the legendary Numbers crew, Rinse.FM regular and something of a relic in 2012. In this day and age, the concept of the DJ as separate from producer, as purveyor of what is cool and fresh is outdated. Guys like Jackmaster, Annie Mac, Ben UFO and Oneman are most likely the last of their kind. Radio shows are increasingly being helmed by the likes of Skream & Benga, Diplo, etc. and respectable DJ skills are on a precipitous decline on a mainstream level. I’ve never been lucky enough to see Jackmaster perform live (and I do consider what he does performance), I have been a religious listener of his Rinse.FM show and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Yesterday saw the release of Volume #3 of his Tweak-A-Holic series, replete with “vibey” 80’s hits. The mix gets going with Toto’s “Georgy Porgy” and moves on and on from there. Stream the mix below and head here to download it in exchange for your email.