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shlohmo-jeremih-no-moreAfter an episode of self-described “major label bullshit” supposedly sidelined Shlohmo and Jeremih‘s highly touted collaborative project, it appears that the former’s Wedidit camp has taken to grassroots methods to disseminate the No More EP. The six track effort features “Bo Peep”, “No More”, an extended, Jeremih-assisted version of Shlohmo’s “Fuck You All The Time” remix that jumpstarted the whole project, and two brand new originals. The original project was slated for a Def Jam/Wedidit release, but while nothing final has been announced all logic points to a formal end to that relationship. While the circumstances surrounding No More are more than a little acerbic, the EP offers an intoxicating blend of Jeremih’s knack for wispy melodic work and songsmanship combined with Shlohmo’s elegiac approach to 808 percussion and ululating textural accompaniments. Chance The Rapper guests on the sharp-witted “The End”, a venomous Chicago collaboration that falls somewhere among the hills of the drill realm. Head to the No More website to grab your copy of the EP in exchange for an email.


We all knew it was coming, but the release still feels momentous. The EP is coming soon. Shlohmo + Jeremih. The new song is called “No More”. NPR predictably referenced David Lynch in their write-up (you can download the song at their site). More than anything else, there’s a sense of collective experience in the sound and identity the producer and singer have fomented. Whereas other R&B acts often come-up deeply, darkly narcissistic, Shlohmo & Jeremih retain a sense of brooding while simultaneously eschewing the petty misogynies of the genre. I could spew on this song for many more paragraphs (and maybe I eventually will), but you know the deal and the music stands on its own.

Earlier this year, Yours Truly got Shlohmo and Jeremih in the studio together as part of their “Songs From Scratch” series. Then “Bo Peep (Do U Right)” came out. Then the two performed on stage together. And then they performed together in the Boiler Room. After Shlohmo laid down a solid 20 minutes of choice Houston cuts, some Andre Nickatina and his signature “Hail Mary” screw at the Wedidit x Boiler Room function a few weeks ago, Jeremih joined yung Henry on stage for a rendition of “Bo Peep” and a medley version of “F U All The Time” the two performed together earlier this calendar year. Jeremih’s performance was choppy at times, but the resonance of the event can still be felt. It’s a testament to institutions like Boiler Room and RBMA that us fans are able to consistently indulge in collaborations like this. Hopefully, Jeremih’s long delayed Thumpy Johnson LP is on the way soon, maybe even featuring some more Shlohmo production.


It doesn’t take much to get us excited about a new Jeremih album, but with the latest news that Cashmere Cat will be involved (with video evidence) and now “Ex-To-See”, our enthusiasm is boiling over. Even that mediocre Game-assisted jawn couldn’t dissuade our swooning ways. Thumpy Johnson is slated to be released by the end of the calendar year (fingers crossed) and is slated to have one Sean Combs playing the roll of executive producer. It will also surely host a slew of delectable features along the lines of Natasha Moseley and Ludacris. “Ex-To-See” is a song about drugs, exes and the club. It’s classic Jeremih fodder, complete with noodling melodies, assuaging synth washes and some not quite recognizable vocal manipulation. It’s also up for a free download at the moment. Not one to be missed.

naphtaAfter piquing interest with a Sun Raw remix EP last month, Red Bull Music Academy alum and (apparent) R&B mega-fan Naphta is back with another remix package. This time around, the Polish producer has put forth his oddly slurred take on some of the most critically acclaimed R&B cuts from the last year, drawing from Autre Ne Veut, Shlohmo & Jeremih, and Tinashe. Naphta also draws quite a bit of his sound from regional American staples like Jersey Club and Three 6 Mafia-style, hi hat heavy beat work. The package is highly entertaining, if not spectacular, but few remix packages are at that. Stream two choice cuts from the EP below and download the entire thing here courtesy of Freshmore.

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 8.38.58 AM

When we first heard Shlohmo’s remix of Jeremih’s “Fuck U All The Time” back in October of last year, we were admittedly more than a little giddy to hear one of our favorite producers (and a transcendent talent) take on one of the most dynamic bedroom tracks from one of the best albums (fuck a mixtape) of 2012. When we heard that the two were actually collaborating though, lawdy lawdy did our jaws drop. Coming together as part of Yours Truly’s Songs From Scratch series, Shlohmo and Jeremih got together at Daddy Kev and Nocando’s brand new Cosmic Zoo studio in Los Angeles for a session and produced the immaculate “Bo Peep (Do U Right)”. Beyond the absolutely brilliant melody and shmanging production, the most remarkable aspect of “Bo Peep (Do U Right)” is that neither artist is forced to bend or change their style one bit. The track could have easily fit on Shlohmo’s recent Laid Out EP and even more fittingly on Jeremih’s Late Nights tape. Shlohmo’s dense, dissociative beat work and jarring percussion meshes instantly with Jeremih’s soaring falsetto and longing choruses and the results are as emotive as anything we’ve heard from the R&B realm in the past few years. Anything short of a full length collaboration between these two would be a travesty. Before we get to that though, you can stream and download “Bo Peep (Do U Right)” below and catch the two performing in San Francisco and Los Angeles next weekend (April 5 and 6.

bok bok fade to mind

In anticipation of a slew of exciting upcoming shows, Night Slugs co-boss Bok Bok has, well, gone the fuck in on the third edition of the Fade To Mind mix series. It’s an all exclusives everything affair here and if brand new Jam City, L-Vis 1990 and MikeQ is your kind of bidness, jump on this mix immediately. Almost more exciting than Bok Bok’s transcendent mixing and the heap of exclusives is a  more coherent taste of Kowton’s remix of Jeremih’s still simmering “Fuck U All The Time”. The remix entered our collective consciousness through a few shoddy live videos, but Bok Bok has offered it up in all of its rude boy glory. Because really, Kowton has no business remixing this track. But he does. And it’s so beyond everything else coming out right now that it might just be the most anticipated track of the yung year. Stream and download below.

Over the past week or so, everyone and their mother have begun posting year end lists in one form or another. While perusing these song/album/mixtape/EP/single/live show/remixes/album art/video/DMX moment lists, you’ll probably come to the realization that you disagree with 90% of them and feel the urge to leave a vindictive comment on one article or another noting the surfeit of fecal matter spewing out of writer A or blogger B’s mouth cavity. First of all, resist the urge. Year end lists are silly and pointless, but they are someone else’s opinion. Anyways, we will not be writing any year end lists,  because of the aforementioned clusterfuck that has already ensued. We will post a (brief) roundup of general shit we’ve enjoyed this year and maybe link to some other lists that are prescient or that mirror what we enjoy to a certain extent, but probably not. We have a bunch of amazing sounds for you this week, including Benjha’s brilliant “Flight Simulator, so maybe you should just hit the jump and enjoy some positive music. Maybe fanute around your room to it. You know we will. Just don’t think about lists.

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You can call him Bill Russell! Or Ryan… Mr. Hemsworth does share some qualities with the all time great Celtic, namely a statesmanlike record of consistency and timely performances. Not one to skimp on a mix, Hemsworth brings 60+ minutes of tunes from Green Ova, MMG and Baauer to FACT Mag. It’s probably his most self-centered mix and it might just be my favorite. More Hemsworth is certainly not a bad thing. And that “Fuck You All The Time” remix. Fuxwidit. Stream the mix and the Jeremih remix below.

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Traphouse still tippin’

Let’s be honest here, as much as we’ve raved about all the other “Fuck U All The Time” remixes, we’ve really just been waiting for the Mr. Henry Laufer to take a stab at Jeremih’s libertine anthem. The latest Shlohmix might be his best since “Crew Love” and sees pitched down Jeremih harmonizing with whoever that girl is, as well as regular Jeremih, an effect that seriously ups the sex factor. Nothing innovative here, but Laufer has really perfected that codeine-ified trap sound. As of now, the download link is disabled so you’ll have to find the remix using your own facilities for now. Stream below.