New Jeremih – “Ex-To-See”


It doesn’t take much to get us excited about a new Jeremih album, but with the latest news that Cashmere Cat will be involved (with video evidence) and now “Ex-To-See”, our enthusiasm is boiling over. Even that mediocre Game-assisted jawn couldn’t dissuade our swooning ways. Thumpy Johnson is slated to be released by the end of the calendar year (fingers crossed) and is slated to have one Sean Combs playing the roll of executive producer. It will also surely host a slew of delectable features along the lines of Natasha Moseley and Ludacris. “Ex-To-See” is a song about drugs, exes and the club. It’s classic Jeremih fodder, complete with noodling melodies, assuaging synth washes and some not quite recognizable vocal manipulation. It’s also up for a free download at the moment. Not one to be missed.

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