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In his brief solo career, Jerome LOL has made quite the name for himself producing some of the most tactful pop music you’ll find on the world wide web (IRL 2). Yesterday we caught Jerome remixing Rihanna and today he’s given the treatment to labelmate Groundislava’s Feel Me standout “TV Dream”. The dreamy, propulsive original is drenched in nostalgia, but Jerome submerges it deep into a much of reverb, making it sound like nothing found on this planet. The remix slowly coalesces around a steady kickdrum until the infectious vocal chops of the original emerge from the sea. More brilliance from Mr. Potter. Stream and download below.

Is there anyone making more perfect pop music than Jerome Potter right now? The Los Angeles half of the now defunct LOL Boys has taken the blueprint of pitched up vocals and subtle house rhythms established on the Changes EP and taken it to another level in his solo work. Releasing a number of extended tracks celebrating duality, Jerome has insisted that integrity can exist in pop music. His latest is a remix of Rihanna’s “Diamond” revolving around the words “shine light like a diamond” and simple acoustic drums. All love from this corner of the interwebs Mr. Potter. Stream below and download here.


In a bittersweet turn of events, internet friends LOL Boys announced earlier that they are going on hiatus. Jerome and Markus will each embark on their own solo careers, an exciting and probably inevitable result. The fact that the two never worked together in the studio, instead opting to send tracks back and forth between LA and Montreal, makes this development less surprising. Luckily for fans, the breakup has commenced a flurry of new material. Jerome jumpstarted his solo career, releasing a two part track called “Happy/Sad”. He also let loose a pack of edits that appeared in the duo’s FADER mix back in July. It’s disappointing to see a duo just coming into their own come to such an abrupt end. The Changes EP was undoubtedly their best work as they seemed to be justifying their place on the Friends of Friends roster alongside the likes of Shlohmo and Salva. Their final release will be a Changes Remix EP, coming out soon, presumable on FoF. We can only hope that Jerome and Markus will embark on their solo careers in the same lighthearted manner that they carried out the LOL Boys project in. Thank you for the fun times guys. Stream and download Jerome’s new sounds below and grab the edits pack right here.