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With only a few weeks until the release of Jerome LOL’s Deleted/Fool EP (out February 4 on Friends of Friends), the Los Angeles-based badman has handed us another carrot in the form of “Fool”. The song’s base is comprised of chugging, swung, machine techno with the brilliant Angelina Lucero putting in a transcendent vocal performance over the top. It’s brooding, propulsive and deeply affecting and while those adjectives come up often when speaking of Jerome’s music, “Fool” is as unique a track as we’ve received from him since the LOL Boys era. It represents both maturation and a condensation of the sound that he’s been fiddling with over the years, matching the dance music proclivities of much of his remix work with the deeply melodic, vocal-based work of his solo material. Deleted/Fool can’t come soon enough.

jerome lol

Yesterday, Los Angeles-based imprint Body High released the Work Volume 1 compilation, an eclectic collection of club tracks from the likes of Cedaa, Grown Folk and Myrryrs. Of course, it comes as no surprise that two of the tape’s absolute highlights come from Body High label bosses Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy. Samo’s contribution comes in the form of “Your Love” from the EP of the same name, a beautifully composed acid number that has outpaced the rest of the house music pack. Jerome turned in a brand new track in “Alma”, a harmonically complex gem replete with pipping vocals, a slightly swung rhythm and plenty of reverb. As always, Jerome brings out the most of what might come off as a dour sound palette, working melancholic melodies and a wispy female vocalist into an absolute head-nodder. Stream “Alma” below and cop the compilation here.

jerome lol

Leeor Brown’s Friends of Friends imprint has been one of our favorite musical institutions since our founding at the beginning of 2012 and their continued partnership with Jerome Potter aka Jerome LOL has made us endlessly happy over the past 23 months. In February of next year, Jerome will release the Deleted/Fool EP through FoF Music, an affair that will surely feature his signature live sounding percussion and beatific harmonies, as well as two female vocalists. While two and a half months is a long time to wait for the EP, Jerome and FoF have gifted us with “Always”, the melancholic opening track from Delete/Fool. Stream below and start scratching off the days until February 4, 2014.

jerome lol

If you weren’t already tingling at the prospect of Anticon’s remastered re-release of D33J’s Tide Songs, then this will surely get your toes curling. Jerome “LOL” Potter is back once again to add his wholly organic melancholy to D33J’s “Park” and he performs his duties with aplomb, measuring out equal doses of comfortable pop pastiche and forward-thinking melodic structure. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of this crews cross-pollinating ways. Stream below and via the above link.


Classixx are a Los Angeles duo who make breezy, late-aughts sounding pop music with straight-forward disco lean. It’s infectious as hell, if not a little bit retread. You all know (or should know) Jerome LOL. Recently, Classixx released “Holding On”, their most popular tune to date and, while slightly dry, is a truly great dance number. Out now on Astral Plane fave Innovative Leisure, the track has racked up countless plays on Soundcloud and garnered much acclaim on the disputably effective Hype Machine. If the original didn’t fit your fancy though, Jerome is here to save the day. It’s a simple remix in the end, a trial of addition and subtraction with voraciously growling sub bass and a delectable slow house vibe. No word on a release yet, but this gem is sure to see the light of day sooner rather than later.

friendzone kuchibiru network 3

So Friendzone’s long-awaited Kuchibiru Network 3 mixtape has finally hit the webs today and it is even greater than we ever could have imagined. Exclusives from Jerome LOL, Main Attrakionz, Ryan Hemsworth, Keyboard Kid and more were the first lines to catch our mind’s eye, but Silkky Johnson, Finally Boys and Shady Blaze also feature prominently and more than hold their weight on an impressive lineup of contemporary MCs and producers. You can stream and download individual tracks below, but you should really just grab the entire tape in one fell swoop right hurr.

jerome2012 was a landmark year for Jerome Potter of LOL Boys fame and 2013 should see the Los Angeles-based magician further perfecting the sound debuted on the Changes EP and the LOL Boys x FADER Mix. Jerome’s latest act of kindness comes in the form of a remix of Tank’s slow ballad “Emergency”. If you’ve been following Jerome’s progression, the tune will sound pretty familiar as it utilizes the pristine piano/live sounding percussion formula that has become a halmark of the Body High co-boss’ repertoire. Tank’s vocals are reduced to a syrupy drawl and drawn out over a delectable bridge. Stream below and download here.

samo sound boy and jerome lol

There isn’t a hotter label functioning at the moment than the Jerome LOL and Samo Sound boy helmed Body High. The Los Angeles-based imprint is about as influential as a label can be and have broken down more than a few barriers via releases from DJ Sliink, Myrryrs and Todd Edwards over the past twelve months. If you ever (unfortunately) get into a debate with some anglophile about the viability of American electronic music, just toss a few Body High releases their way and put on your most derisive smirk. But you probably already knew that. Anyways, Jerome and Samo recently graced Diplo’s weekly BBC show and laced it with an all Body High everything mix. It’s (predictably) full to the brim with dancefloor burners and traverses the width of the Body High sound. Stream and download below.

Can we talk about Steven Ellison for a moment? Just take a few minutes out of this lovely Sunday afternoon to recognize what the man stands for and what he represents in the 2012 music landscape. This little piece probably won’t include anything that hasn’t been said, but it’s so worth reiterating it, especially this week. As Flying Lotus, Steven Ellison has produced some of the most divergent, thought provoking and challenging electronic music of the past 20 or so years. Since his arrival, Mr. Ellison has essentially put Los Angeles’ instrumental hip hop movement, known by most as the “beat scene”, on his back, pushing it into international waters. Despite being the figurehead of this movement, touring incessantly and heading a hugely successful label, he is still the very best at what he does. Furthermore, he seems to genuinely enjoy making music, meeting fans and performing. If you’ve ever seen a Flying Lotus set, you know what I’m talking about. That ear-to-ear smile is just impossible not to replicate. That’s why it isn’t even remotely surprising that Ellison devised and followed through on the Captain Murphy project. Ok, his above-average rapping ability is a little surprising, but the fact that he would release a free album featuring a menagerie of the best MC’s and producers in hip hop shouldn’t be. So before getting to the rest of this week’s sounds, can we all take a moment to thank Steven Ellison? He deserves that much from us.

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In which Jerome LOL continues to tweak the sound first found on the Changes EP, reapplying it to labelmate Tomas Barfod’s “November Skies”. I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that Jerome could easily be producing (if he isn’t already) for some of the biggest names in the industry. On “November Skies”, he invents a child-like element, represented in the chipmunk vocals and twinkling chimes. Not childish, but child-like. Innocent. Bashful. The synths bounce off of the track walls in bouts of controlled excitement as the live-sounding percussion tumbles over itself resulting in an Animal Collective-esque chaos. This might be the best track of 2012 for people to hipster dance to. The remix is off of the “November Skies” remix package (catch Sepalcure’s take here), out November 26 via Friends of Friends.