Body High Mix For BBC Radio 1

samo sound boy and jerome lol

There isn’t a hotter label functioning at the moment than the Jerome LOL and Samo Sound boy helmed Body High. The Los Angeles-based imprint is about as influential as a label can be and have broken down more than a few barriers via releases from DJ Sliink, Myrryrs and Todd Edwards over the past twelve months. If you ever (unfortunately) get into a debate with some anglophile about the viability of American electronic music, just toss a few Body High releases their way and put on your most derisive smirk. But you probably already knew that. Anyways, Jerome and Samo recently graced Diplo’s weekly BBC show and laced it with an all Body High everything mix. It’s (predictably) full to the brim with dancefloor burners and traverses the width of the Body High sound. Stream and download below.

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