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In July of last year, we noted that Samo Sound Boy’s production acumen had improved greatly since his first EP on Body High and the “Your Love” single solidified that fact. On March 18, Samo’s Open/Divine will be released on Body High (now helmed by the reputable Joaquin Bartra), an event that will mark the Los Angeles label’s first vinyl release. Until then, we have a taste of “Open”, a clanging, late night club track that exhibits Samo’s melodic prowess and overall compositional ability. If you’ve attended any Body High events recently, you’ll surely recognize the mood and atmosphere Samo is attempting to attain on “Open”.

samo sound boy

Take the following with a grain of salt because the to be mentioned individual is one of our absolute favorite DJs and general curators/label bosses: Samo Sound Boy has never impressed us with his production work. Neither 2011’s Shuffle Code EP (on Trouble & Bass) or last year’s acid drenched 5 Dollar Paradise (on Body High) really piqued our interest, especially when juxtaposed with Samo’s extensive knowledge of the American dance music lexicon and prodigious command of the DJ booth. As much as we attempted to embrace both of the aforementioned EPs, they both came off as a little too derivative and dry, lacking the adventurous spirit of a Floyd Cambpell or the pure technical abilities of a Jerome LOL. That being said, “Spirit Tool” has absolutely knocked us off our feet. Relentlessly driving and positive, Samo’s latest is the exact type of track that he so often utilizes to obliterate Los Angeles dancefloors. A slinky yet simple melody enraptures as the rhythmic elements heave and kick with a hedonistic freedom that has come to define the Body High sound. It’s pointless to make predictions, but if Samo can continue in this form on the production front, he can and will be one of the most dynamic forces in Transatlantic dance music.

samo sound boy and jerome lol

There isn’t a hotter label functioning at the moment than the Jerome LOL and Samo Sound boy helmed Body High. The Los Angeles-based imprint is about as influential as a label can be and have broken down more than a few barriers via releases from DJ Sliink, Myrryrs and Todd Edwards over the past twelve months. If you ever (unfortunately) get into a debate with some anglophile about the viability of American electronic music, just toss a few Body High releases their way and put on your most derisive smirk. But you probably already knew that. Anyways, Jerome and Samo recently graced Diplo’s weekly BBC show and laced it with an all Body High everything mix. It’s (predictably) full to the brim with dancefloor burners and traverses the width of the Body High sound. Stream and download below.


On December 14, 2012, I met a Club Called Rhonda and she took me to dance music heaven.

Samo Sound Boy was there (Body High in that mothafucka), Total Freedom was there (Fade to Mind in that mothafucka), and all the way from Bristol, UK, the one and only Julio Bashmore lent us his surly face and impeccable house music (Broadwalk Records in that mothafucka).

There were beautiful women, there were beautiful men, beautiful men dressed as women, beautiful women dressed as men, and beautiful people that escape such silly classifications.  I was sweating (woo!), and so was the ceiling.  I think Rhonda, Samo, and Julio changed my life, so hit the jump and let me tell you about it.

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Back in September, Body High don Samo Sound Boy released 5 Dollar Paradise, an acid-drenched EP that looks as much to the TR-303 sounds of yore as it does to the futuristic club sounds the Los Angeles-based label has become synonymous with. While the EP isn’t as adventurous as past Body High releases (Jim-E Stack and Myrryrs come to mind), it is a serviceable introduction to Samo’s production acumen (which is quickly catching up to his curatorial abilities). His latest effort sees Samo remixing the impossible to avoid AlunaGeorge’s “Your Drums, Your Love” into a low-key house burner aimed more at the pool than the club. Keys reverberate as Aluna’s vocals are looped into an spell-binding call and receive pattern. It’s easy to see the effect that UK youngsters like Bondax and Disclosure have on North American club sounds (or maybe it’s the other way around) through songs like this. Stream and download the remix below.

Over the past several months, the Los Angeles based Body High record label has grown into one of the foremost forces in American electronic music. The roster is highlighted by DJ Sliink, Todd Edwards and DJ Dodger Stadium (Jerome Potter of LOL Boys and Samo Soundboy), and trends towards Club music, but you would be remiss to label it a Club label. We’ve witnessed Sliink’s impressive ability to synch standard Jersey Club with multitudes of other dance sub-genres and his label mates have a similar dexterity in their productions. Elements of acid house are prevalent in numerous DJ Dodger Stadium tracks while Myrryrs often utilizes the beloved cracking percussion of Southern hip hop. Last week, label head Samo Soundboy featured in The FADER’s mix series and did an excellent job of introducing the Body High roster over the mix’s 40 minute run time. Samo rolls out plenty of exclusives including a Jim-E Stack track off of a future Body High release. The mix wraps up with a well-placed screwed and chopped take on Miguel’s “Adorn,” one of the frontrunners for R&B track of the year. Stream the mix below and download it right over here (left click).