New Samo Sound Boy – “Spirit Tool”

samo sound boy

Take the following with a grain of salt because the to be mentioned individual is one of our absolute favorite DJs and general curators/label bosses: Samo Sound Boy has never impressed us with his production work. Neither 2011’s Shuffle Code EP (on Trouble & Bass) or last year’s acid drenched 5 Dollar Paradise (on Body High) really piqued our interest, especially when juxtaposed with Samo’s extensive knowledge of the American dance music lexicon and prodigious command of the DJ booth. As much as we attempted to embrace both of the aforementioned EPs, they both came off as a little too derivative and dry, lacking the adventurous spirit of a Floyd Cambpell or the pure technical abilities of a Jerome LOL. That being said, “Spirit Tool” has absolutely knocked us off our feet. Relentlessly driving and positive, Samo’s latest is the exact type of track that he so often utilizes to obliterate Los Angeles dancefloors. A slinky yet simple melody enraptures as the rhythmic elements heave and kick with a hedonistic freedom that has come to define the Body High sound. It’s pointless to make predictions, but if Samo can continue in this form on the production front, he can and will be one of the most dynamic forces in Transatlantic dance music.


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