Murlo Remixes Yung Nation’s “Shawty Wassup”


First off, if you don’t read Southern Hospitality religiously then you’re slipping. Whether they’re putting on for Sinjin Hawke well before most of us caught on or compiling the best of Kevin Gates, the London-based publication is at the forefront of everything club-oriented. Recently, SH extended itself further into the label realm, releasing an EP made up of remixes of songs by rising Dallas duo Yung Nation. Among the producers enlisted was Murlo, one of the more interesting purveyors of the dissonant instrumental grime sound preferred by producers like Slackk and Visionist. Falling somewhere between futuristic grime, classic garage and mid-2000s Southern rap, Murlo’s take on “Shawty Wassup” retains the sing-song flow of the original, contributing fleeting vocal stabs and a vibrant minimalist aesthetic. It’s no surprise that SH is on top of both of these artists and their stamp of approval is as valuable as any, so jump on the bandwagon quick or fall in the dust. Slick Shoota, Suicideyear, Krueger, DJ Tricks, Wreck Tech and Kaptain Kadillac also contributed remixes to the EP.

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