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Since Grown Folk broke up last year, Brendan Neal and Drew Kim have turned their attentions toward their respective solo careers, the former getting snapped up by Body High (and getting nods from Skream, Jacques Greene and other heavy hitters), while the latter dipped his toes in rap production and is prepping a release on Sinden’s Grizzly imprint. Today, we’re focusing on Brendan, now known as Motions, and his upcoming debut EP for aforementioned Los Angeles club outpost Body High. Set for an April 29 release date, the All Gone EP will feature Neal’s pristine take on mid-tempo house across four tracks. Stream the EP’s title track below and head over to Resident Advisor to receive some insight into Neal’s relationship with Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL and his goal of imbuing All Gone with outside-the-box production methods.

samo sound boy - open

In July of last year, we noted that Samo Sound Boy’s production acumen had improved greatly since his first EP on Body High and the “Your Love” single solidified that fact. On March 18, Samo’s Open/Divine will be released on Body High (now helmed by the reputable Joaquin Bartra), an event that will mark the Los Angeles label’s first vinyl release. Until then, we have a taste of “Open”, a clanging, late night club track that exhibits Samo’s melodic prowess and overall compositional ability. If you’ve attended any Body High events recently, you’ll surely recognize the mood and atmosphere Samo is attempting to attain on “Open”.

jerome lol

Yesterday, Los Angeles-based imprint Body High released the Work Volume 1 compilation, an eclectic collection of club tracks from the likes of Cedaa, Grown Folk and Myrryrs. Of course, it comes as no surprise that two of the tape’s absolute highlights come from Body High label bosses Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy. Samo’s contribution comes in the form of “Your Love” from the EP of the same name, a beautifully composed acid number that has outpaced the rest of the house music pack. Jerome turned in a brand new track in “Alma”, a harmonically complex gem replete with pipping vocals, a slightly swung rhythm and plenty of reverb. As always, Jerome brings out the most of what might come off as a dour sound palette, working melancholic melodies and a wispy female vocalist into an absolute head-nodder. Stream “Alma” below and cop the compilation here.


2012 saw Los Angeles-based label Body High transition from minor local outpost into one of the foremost names in left field club music. In 12 months, Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy’s label released massive tunes from the likes of Todd Edwards, DJ Sliink, Jim-E Stack and many more. While 2013 hasn’t been quite as splashy for the BH crew, it has been an equally huge year with the label doubling down on its existing roster, stylizing one of the most known brands in American dance music (Body High shirts are a constant at high class functions), and touring the country incessantly (most recently with Juan Atkins, Anthony Shakir and DJ Pierre). Before 2013 comes to a close though, it looks like we’re going to receive another huge release from BH in the form of a new DJ Funeral single. “Shutterbug” is predictably huge and is another track in the growing procession of sort of-but not quite Bmore mutations that have erupted in recent years. Stream “Shutterbug” below and hit the jump for info on DJ Funeral’s upcoming tour!

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samo sound boy

Take the following with a grain of salt because the to be mentioned individual is one of our absolute favorite DJs and general curators/label bosses: Samo Sound Boy has never impressed us with his production work. Neither 2011’s Shuffle Code EP (on Trouble & Bass) or last year’s acid drenched 5 Dollar Paradise (on Body High) really piqued our interest, especially when juxtaposed with Samo’s extensive knowledge of the American dance music lexicon and prodigious command of the DJ booth. As much as we attempted to embrace both of the aforementioned EPs, they both came off as a little too derivative and dry, lacking the adventurous spirit of a Floyd Cambpell or the pure technical abilities of a Jerome LOL. That being said, “Spirit Tool” has absolutely knocked us off our feet. Relentlessly driving and positive, Samo’s latest is the exact type of track that he so often utilizes to obliterate Los Angeles dancefloors. A slinky yet simple melody enraptures as the rhythmic elements heave and kick with a hedonistic freedom that has come to define the Body High sound. It’s pointless to make predictions, but if Samo can continue in this form on the production front, he can and will be one of the most dynamic forces in Transatlantic dance music.

samo sound boy and jerome lol

There isn’t a hotter label functioning at the moment than the Jerome LOL and Samo Sound boy helmed Body High. The Los Angeles-based imprint is about as influential as a label can be and have broken down more than a few barriers via releases from DJ Sliink, Myrryrs and Todd Edwards over the past twelve months. If you ever (unfortunately) get into a debate with some anglophile about the viability of American electronic music, just toss a few Body High releases their way and put on your most derisive smirk. But you probably already knew that. Anyways, Jerome and Samo recently graced Diplo’s weekly BBC show and laced it with an all Body High everything mix. It’s (predictably) full to the brim with dancefloor burners and traverses the width of the Body High sound. Stream and download below.

One of the great things about Boiler Room is that, in the weeks after every event, we get to relive each and every great moment in breathtaking (ok, maybe not so much) webcam footage. Hallows Eve has come and past, but we can still relive the frightful Body High takeover from a few weeks ago. Today brings a short, but very rare half hour mix from Nashville’s own Myrryrs replete with enough low-rider music to carry you into the weekend. Oh and fuck the crowd. I know I’ve harped on it before, but can’t these crowds show a little enthusiasm. It’s especially bad at the LA shows *wink*wink*. Stream above and catch the podcast at your friendly (or not) neighborhood digital music retailer.

At midnight on Halloween, DJ Funeral will release his debut EP on Body High, an odd combination of horror flick samples and club music. But not just any club music, Body High club music. The Los Angeles-based label has taken North American club music by the horns over the past 12 months and not let go. Not much is known about DJ Funeral, but he materialized out of thin air (or so I’ve heard) to perform at the Body High/Boiler Room event last Tuesday to play some spooky sounds.. Out of a stacked lineup including Samo Soundboy, Delivery and Myrryrs, Funeral’s set was impressively dynamic and featured the most unheard tracks, presumably from the new EP. Pop this on (or this Hits from the Grave mix) at your sexy halloween party if you have the guts. Stream above and have your trigger fingers ready come midnight on Hallows Eve.

Unless you’re in labor, there’s really no point googling this song

It’s clear that Sam and Jerome, co-heads of L.A. based club label Body High are big on the TR-303. Last month, Sam’s 5 Dollar Paradise EP was largely based around the vintage synthesizer and their latest signing, L.A. duo Delivery, has a special place in their heart reserved for the machine. The duo will debut their live set at the Body High/Boiler Room takeover tomorrow, and they will presumably bring along some fun synths for the ride. “No Pain” is a tense bit of acid techno that just screams warehouse rave. At least my kind of warehouse rave. Stream below and tune into Boiler Room tomorrow to catch Delivery’s full set.

Los Angeles has been the hub of club oriented electronic music on the West Coast for quite some time. That has resulted in dozens of artists labels dipping their toes into the melting pot of regional scenes that have emerged over the past several years. A number of labels have had success within the club realm, but only one, Body High, has mastered it with an impressive streak of fun-loving consistency. Sporting releases from DJ Sliink, Myrryrs and DJ Dodger Stadium, the young label run by Samo Soundboy (of DJ Dodger Stadium) and Jerome Potter (of LOL Boys) has taken the City of Angels by storm. Their newest release comes courtesy of San Francisco native Jim-E Stack in the form of the “Bubble Boy”. Stack has made quite a name for himself with his remix game, but his original work is a complex menagerie of club and hip hop influences. Whether drawing from New Orlans, Chicago or Baltimore, Stack has managed to infuse his own unique flair to original releases. Stream “Bubble Boy” below and head over to Boomkat to give some love in the form of paper money.