Halloween Special With DJ Funeral And Body High

At midnight on Halloween, DJ Funeral will release his debut EP on Body High, an odd combination of horror flick samples and club music. But not just any club music, Body High club music. The Los Angeles-based label has taken North American club music by the horns over the past 12 months and not let go. Not much is known about DJ Funeral, but he materialized out of thin air (or so I’ve heard) to perform at the Body High/Boiler Room event last Tuesday to play some spooky sounds.. Out of a stacked lineup including Samo Soundboy, Delivery and Myrryrs, Funeral’s set was impressively dynamic and featured the most unheard tracks, presumably from the new EP. Pop this on (or this Hits from the Grave mix) at your sexy halloween party if you have the guts. Stream above and have your trigger fingers ready come midnight on Hallows Eve.

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