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It’s a LuckyMe party on the Jesse Boykins III & MeLo’s latest single. Last week, we caught Jacques Greene taking on “The Perfect Blues” and today, Ninja Tune uploaded the accompanying Machinedrum and Ango remixes. Below is Machinedrum’s take, a stuttering effort that sees the Berlin-resident at his most hectic. The remix starts innocently enough, matching Boykins’ vocals with syncopated percussion and ¬†bright, clinky synths. That is until Machinedrum’s sweeping synths and juke structure enter the picture and chaos breaks out. The fact that Machinedrum can balance hectic attempts like this with liqueur smooth tracks like “Whatnot” consistently amazes me. Stream below and grab the full single here.

It appears that Jesse Boykins III has become somewhat of an informal member of the Vase-Forever crew. After appearing on Zodiac’s standout “Come” back in September, Boykins III has recruited labelhead Jacques Greene to remix “The Perfect Blues” off of his joint album with MeLo X. There’s something about Boykins’ voice, as comforting as it is unnerving, that fits so damn well with that lush, mid-tempo Vase aesthetic. Here Greene takes on “The Perfect Blues” and, stepping back from his past few dancefloor oriented productions, aims directly at the bedroom. And really, is there anyone making sexier music than Jacques Greene? Boykins and MeLo X’s crooning is just the cherry on top. Stream and download below courtesy of FACT Mag.