New Machinedrum – “Whatnot”

Machinedrum’s latest effort, “Whatnot”, sees the Berlin-resident retreating to the territory he occupied with the Room(s) LP, a restrained, emotive sound that I believe is his most engulfing. It’s not as loud or dance-able as the club sounds found on SXLND or his Halloween anthem, “Diablo”, but “Whatnot” is a richly textured groover that has enough bass weight to carry a dancefloor. The track is a part of Low Limit’s (of Lazer Sword) Ouroboros compilation, which will also feature Obey City, Ghosts on Tape and Clicks & Whistles. The tape will be released on November 27 via Low Limit’s Innovative Leisure imprint. Stream and download below.

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