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short stories

Today marks the release of Sampha (of SBTRKT fame) & Koreless’ collaborative effort On The Way/Let It Go on Young Turks. Coming together as Short Stories, the duo have made waves via their lush take on modern garage and are primed to transcend their respective solo ventures. You’ve probably already heard “On The Way” at this point, but “Let It Go” only surfaced today with the single’s release. Eschewing garage’s traditional structure, both Sampha (in beat work) and Koreless’ (in the vocal sampling) sounds are quite apparent and complement each other in a brilliant fashion. The way the off-kilter percussion meshes with the repeated refrain of “Let It Go” is as unsettling as Sampha’s vocals on SBTRKT yet oddly comforting in a hypnotic fashion. Stream below and cop On The Way/Let It Go here.

It seems as if everyone has their own label/imprint these days. Not a complaint by any means, just an observation. Jacques Greene, in conjunction with Joseph Coghill has been running Vase-Forever for the past several months, releasing tunes from Greene himself and Arclight. The label’s third release comes from Glaswegian producer/DJ Koreless and is really quite something. Inviting in the most visceral sense of the word, “Lost In Tokyo” invokes those late night subway/bus trips whipping by empty streetlight after streetlight. After the melodrama though, the deliberate four on the floor beat evolves into a whole new animal, slowly growing until it’s at a frenzied clip. “Lost In Tokyo” doesn’t have a  release date yet, but the single/EP will feature a remix from Greene himself, quite the treat in its own right. Stream the preview below.