New Koreless – “Lost In Tokyo”

It seems as if everyone has their own label/imprint these days. Not a complaint by any means, just an observation. Jacques Greene, in conjunction with Joseph Coghill has been running Vase-Forever for the past several months, releasing tunes from Greene himself and Arclight. The label’s third release comes from Glaswegian producer/DJ Koreless and is really quite something. Inviting in the most visceral sense of the word, “Lost In Tokyo” invokes those late night subway/bus trips whipping by empty streetlight after streetlight. After the melodrama though, the deliberate four on the floor beat evolves into a whole new animal, slowly growing until it’s at a frenzied clip. “Lost In Tokyo” doesn’t have a  release date yet, but the single/EP will feature a remix from Greene himself, quite the treat in its own right. Stream the preview below.

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