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The first release on Korma‘s freshly ordained Heat Records, the Thast Xssory Remixes features a host of versions of buzzing Florida rapper Thast, from Xssory, Ultramiedo, Wristboi and Korma himself. The subject of many an unofficial remix, Thast’s sparse production and fierce, chant-heavy flow is well-primed for reworks and the collection of producers offer a wide range of takes, from Ultramiedo’s metallic, electro reworking to Wristboi’s spastic, start-stop edition. We’ve got Korma’s edition of “Fuck U” on premiere today, an upbeat, 808-heavy production that puts Thast’s exuberant anti-hater chorus at the fore. HEAT001 is out January 19. Previews after the jump.

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Montreal-based label Infinite Machine has made a name for itself by working harder than the rest of the field and implementing an omnivorous approach that ignores both traditional genre barriers and geography. Next up on the docket for the label is an EP from Seattle grime provocateur Korma, titled ZGMF-X19A (a sly Gundam reference) and set for a May 11 release date. The EP, including remixes from Liar and Tomas Urquieta, can be previewed here and is thoroughly excellent, another step forward for a producer whose talents have never been in question. We’ve got an outtake from the EP, a remix from Vancouver-resident Spurz, on premiere today and having run through this rework a dozen or so times, it’s baffling it didn’t make the cut. Wobbly in terms of both production aesthetic and intended result, Spurz’s take on “Dismantle” is another cross-denominational work that doesn’t skimp on the bass weight. Whereas most “grime-meets-ballroom-meets-whatever” tracks are far more interesting in theory than they are in practice, Spurz has the wherewithal and restraint to allow the sped-up “Ha Dance” sample lay dormant until the end where it hits hardest. Grab Spurz’s “Dismantle” rework below and be sure to buy ZGMF-X19A on May 19.


Alongside Rabit, Mike G, Celestial Trax and handful of others, Korma has lead the charge to put the US on the map as far grime production goes, drawing both ire from his UK counterparts and praise from grime fans the world over. And despite the Atlantic-sized divide, it’s clear that Korma is a student of the culture, remixing everyone from Changing Faces to Riko Dan and churning out a high energy reformulation of the eski template with regularity. Affiliated with the Hush Hush Records clan and several other cool happenings in Seattle, Korma is staking out new territory on the West Coast, far from a grime (or club music for that matter) hotbed, and has released several must-haves in “Skyline” (out now on Car Crash Set’s Ice Rink series) and the collection of R&B refixes released on Hush Hush in 2014. “Silencer Riddim”, a remake of sorts of Africa Hitech’s track of the same name, falls into the classic eski riddim territory, reutilizing the sound palette made ever-so-popular by “That’s Not Me” and translating it into an addicting neck snapper. “Silencer Riddim” is available for free download below.