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With Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors quickly approaching (Dec 11), Sir Luscious’ hype machine is revving its engine. A few weeks ago, we received “Lines”, a track squarely aimed at a younger, blog reading audience that knows who Phantogram is. Despite the somewhat canned nature of the song, Fat Sax and Rocky are entertaining as hell, stoking the already blazing fire surrounding the album release. As long as the rest of the album is devoid of the sort of A&R made collaborations/youtube view getters, I’m completely sold. The latest track to surface features two of the biggest Atlanta rappers from the past 15 years, although it probably would have been far more newsworthy around the middle of the last decade.

With T.I. and Ludacris on board, it’s clear that the album isn’t simply an attempt to woo the kidz, because, well, how many hip hop fans under 18 actually listen to T.I. or Ludacris? I don’t think I’m alone in not being to take TIP or Luda all that seriously in 2012 and Luda’s statement that it’s “a marathon not a sprint” is indicative of their age/place in life. Would he have ever said something like that in his foul mouthed heyday? They’ve made enough bands, T.I. has spent too much time in prison and they’re tired. They seem tired. They sound tired. Their lyrical content is tired. Fat Sax is still buckin’ like Buckingham Palace though, brand new like Brand Nubian. Not all of the great have fallen and Big Boi sounds like a young 20 something when juxtaposed with his fellow 30 somethings. Stream below and lookout for the album on December 11.