Canned Collaborations With Big Boi, ASAP Rocky And Phantogram

So Big Boi has an album coming out next months and I’m trying with every ounce of will I have to get hyped for it. Actually, there’s really no reasonable excuse for not being excited for Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors. 2010’s Sir Luscious Leftfoot was a surly announcement that Antwan Patton can and will succeed sans Three Stacks. I do have a few petty gripes though. First, that Kelly Rowland joint was fucking awful. Like water trash bad. Don’t have to explain myself there. Second, a few years back Big Boi no showed (due to “DJ problems”) at Outside Lands and I’m still a little bit peeved. Ok, maybe that’s a little (read: a lot) childish, but I’m stubborn. Anyways, this is me trying to get excited for a new offering from the gullier half of the best hip hop act of all time. With ASAP Rocky opening the festivities (which I don’t understand), “Lines” is a predictable boastful single with non-descript indie poppers Phantogram on hook duty. Rocky and Daddy Fat Sacks are impressive, but I have the nagging feeling that “Lines” was conceived in some Def Jam boardroom. Like that Harry Fraud/French Montana/Action Bronson track from last week, it feels canned and airless. Nonetheless, with Big Boi flipping rhymes about alligator’s navels and play doh with ease, I can’t be too mad. Still hoping for another “Shine Blockas”, but a set of awkward collaborations wouldn’t be the end of the world.  Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors drops on December 11.

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