Stay+ Remixes Rudimental’s “Not Giving In”

A few weeks ago, I called Rudimental a “pretty non-descript, sometimes (really) corny, dance/pop crossover” outfit. I might have been a little a little bit harsh. The London quartet has grown on me over the past few weeks and while they won’t be occupying much space on my em pee three device, they’re clearly not as mundanely awful as I initially believed. Fellow Black Butter Records act Stay+ (formerly Christian AIDS) are the latest to remix Rudimental’s breakout “Not Giving In”, removing the original’s drum and bass tendencies and installing a smooth 4/4 beat. The vocals appear to sweep out of a deep concavity, coming ever closer, but never reaching an intimate level. Cold synth work is layered over the top of the track, cementing the longing and desperation established by the vocals. The track is a free courtesy of Ms. Annie Mac so stream and download away.


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