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clams casino

At this point, Clams Casino might be the last person with the capability of saving one Daniel Dumile’s worth as a relevant cultural signifier. More interested in producing and betraying fan’s confidence in the past half-decade, [MF] DOOM has always been an enigma, but the truth is that the iron clad villain hasn’t turned out an front-to-back engaging project since 2004’s seminal Madvillainy. It’s easy to get caught up in DOOM’s “free associative” lyricism or his outdated comic book references, but the truth is that he’s lost a step in recent years and has come to rely more and more on gimmicks and outlandish production. Enter Clammy Clams. if there’s a more fitting backing for DOOM’s pedantic rambling than the molasses thick, treehouse beats churned out by New Jersey’s very own, then I don’t know what life. Matching both DOOM’s cadence and carelessness to a tee, “Bookfiend” is the best thing to come from each respective camp in the past 12 months and if you don’t recognize that, you might just need get out to the Amazon for some of that good stuff.

After further investigation, the live FlyLo video I posted earlier is not the only set from Sónar São Paulo. In all my excitement, I overlooked sets from Rustie, Four Tet, James Pants, Cut Chemist, Skream, Chromeo and the ultimate supervillain… DOOM. Now, I haven’t gotten around to the DOOM video because I’m still bitter he sent an impostor to a show in Seattle a few years ago, but I’ll get over my hurt feelings eventually and press the play button. I highly recommend the Rustie video, but please just listen to the audio. The camera work is painfully abrasive. What I gathered from these videos? No one has more fun on stage than FlyLo. The dude just has an aura of unstoppable charisma surrounding him. He can’t be beat. Find all of the videos at the Sónar Youtube page and our favorites after the jump. If we’re lucky, we’ll get similar videos of James Blake, Hudson Mohawke, Justice and Modeselektor from Sónar.

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Been waiting for that epic hip hop collaboration between some of your favorite artists? Well, Masta Ace just dropped this bomb on us by revealing a song off his project with MF DOOMMA DOOM: Son of Yvonne. I have to say that just seeing these two artists on a track made me excited, but an entire album…dangerously stoked. The album will feature Masta Ace spitting over Dooms flawless production. For a taste of whats to come, check out “Slow Down”.

Back from a long hiatus as a result of midterms, I present you with Unions album, Analogtronics. Union is a production duo of artists named OJ and Gold based in Paris. Throughout this album we see their tendency to use synths and keyboards to create very calming electro soul. For a sampler of the dynamic beats to come, check out “Blue Wave.”

The beats throughout this album reminds me of some of Dam Funk’s work  with his stress on the keyboard and heavy synths. The laid back productio pairs perfectly with the dope list of featured MC’s and vocalists. Union enlisted the help of Talib Kweli, Sly Johnson, MF Doom, Moka Only, Rachel Claudio, Elzhi, Big Pooh, Janic, Roc Marciano, Guilty Simpson, and Mani Hoffman. It’s a stellar lineup to say the least. The single off the album is “Time Leak” with Talib Kweli and Sly Johnson. Kweli’s raw talent is showcased and Sly Johnson provides soulful background vocals.

It’s a new experience to hear Kweli on this type of beat and on he goes off on the track. Along with Kweli’s single, we get a new track from the legendary MF Doom as well.  This is one of the better songs that Doom has released recently and deserves to be checked out by his fans. Like with Kweli on “Time Leak,” the production on “Coco Mango” matches Dooms flow and lyricism perfectly.

Another standout track is “Fallin” with Big Pooh and Janic providing vocals. It’s been awhile since I have listened to Big Pooh since the end of Little Brother in 2010.  It certainly is comforting to see that the talented MC is still making music.

All in all I highly recommend this album to any hip-hop head, beat junkie, and/or Dam Funk fan.  I find that this album reaches out to a broad demographic of listeners because of the solid production. Besides the solid features on the album, the eight instrumentals showcase their production talent. It’s definitely an album to discover and enjoy during the hectic frenzy of midterms.

Big live set at the BoilerRoom today with Buddy Peace, Boom Bip, Jneiro Jarel, and DOOM  closing out the set at 2200 GMT time which I believe is 2 PM for all of us on the west coast. If time zones confuse you, check out this chart to see if you can watch this live.

Thankfully I don’t have class from 1-4 like I usually do so if you can be sure to check out this set if youre able. If not, the BoilerRoom is pretty good about releasing the sets for free on itunes.

The show can be streamed live here

Follow up to our sounds of the Astral Plane with MF DOOM and Dave Sitek. Tenth year anniversary for Lex Records means multiple collaborations with MF DOOM! For the anniversary, the label is set on releasing a compilation called Complex. DOOM is featured on two tracks, Retarded Fren and Rhymin Slang, the latter is my favorite. You may have already heard DOOMs track, Retarded Fren, with Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Jonny Greenwood. I wasn’t all to impressed by this combination of two stellar artists and it had a whole lot of potential. This is just my opinion on the track, I think DOOMs bars leave the listener asking for  more because of his slow delivery throughout the track.

I think both artists individually are phenomenal, Thom Yorkes production and sampling of Proven Lands by Jonny Greenwod is great but we dont see  the best that both of these artists can put out.

DOOM is also on another track  that was recently released, produced by Jneiro Jarel called Rhymin Slang. The song is remixed by TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek to bring out a heavy hitting cut. The bass comes through hard and the British MC, DELS, is also featured.

Now this may not be ‘new music’ per say. The EP was released in 2010…but it needs to be up on this blog. It ties in perfectly with my previous posts on BadBadNotGood and Robert Glasper.  If you liked either of those phenomenal bands be sure to check out this EP! The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble is a 8-piece Chicago based group. With Gabriel Hubert (trumpet), Saiph Graves (trombone), Tycho Cohran (sousaphone), Amal Baji Hubert (trumpet), Seba Graves (trombone), Tarik Graves (trumpet), Uttama Hubert (baritone, and Gabriel Wallace on the drums.  With the exception of Gabriel Wallace, the members of Hypnotic are all brothers.  The band has performed with Mos Def, Aquilla Sadalla, Phil Cohran (their dad), The Recipe, Nomadic Massive, and Tony Allen.

On the Heritage EP, the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble recorded 5 solid reworks of some classic cuts. They reworked tracks by Fela Kuti, Madlib, Jay-Z, Art Of Noise, Outkast and MF Doom. Mos Def scored the set for these amazing reinterpretations as well. I’m almost positive you wont be able to recognize what the original is for some of these tracks because of the way these guys build off of the original beat. Check out their rework of Outkasts Spottieottiedopaliscious below and this AMAZING live show at the Red Bull Music Academy.

Funky interpretation of Spottieottiedopaliscious. Along with this EP, they have released a slew of other material. Whats really cool about this band is that they started off playing around different subway stations in New York and worked up from there. All of their music can be bought on itunes or found on mediafire. Their first two albums, which they sold in 2004 and 2005, Flipside and Jupiter started off their musical conquest to, from one interaction with a bandmember,  “Support live music, people,” he called out, stepping in line with his bandmates. “Bring back real music before it’s too late.”  Their Self titled album Hypnotic Brass Ensemble is also quality.