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Boston’s Mood Indigo continues to churn out impressive new tunes, each with their own intriguing cover art, at an impressive pace. “Moon Hands” and “Two Times Yellow” are of the slightly off-beat vocal variety as opposed to his more Gold Panda-esque beat work. On “Moon Hands”, he (whoever he is) sings “sentiments is nothing, when I put in your head”, invoking an all-important sense of yearning that pervades Mood Indigo’s subject matter and instrumental work. It’s the type of cold dissociation found in The Weeknd’s music, minus the profuse drug and sex references. “Two Times Yellow” is another breakup song built on strained vocals and a haltering beat, replete with plenty of empty space. Both songs are unsettling and far from melodic, but still manage to be infectious in their sincerity. You can download “Two Times Yellow” now, but you’ll have to chunk up 20 cents for “Moon Hands.

Boston’s Mood Indigo is back with another one replete with uncomfortably sparse vocals and a clear understanding of how to utilize empty space and silence. Mood indigo has been releasing a steady stream of tracks over the past few months so if we’re lucky we’ll get a full project soon. “Glimpse” is another step forward though and as long as he keeps churning out tunes like this, no complaining from this guy.

Mood Indigo, who is still virtually invisible interweb-wise, let loose another new track, “Only You (Friend)” to his Bandcamp, sans his own vocals. The track is centered around a repetitious sample of “get higher” and filled out by thin synths and plenty of 808’s. “Only You (Friend)” is the Boston producers most hip hop influenced track and sees him progressing further into the R&B inflected mist. Stream and download below.

Mood Indigo has been all the rage in our “office” the past week and just days after releasing the People  EP, the Boston producer/vocalist is back with “Midnight Children”. Like People, “Midnight Children” is all booming 808’s and distant love-sick vocals, this time with some accompanying swelling sub-bass. Only a matter of time, before the lamestream media catches onto this one. Stream and download below.

Remember the excitement surrounding Purity Ring when their first few tracks hit the internet and before their debut album flopped? Corin Roddick’s 808-driven beats seemed to rise out of the malaise of so-called chillwave and it appeared that the duo was going to ascend to experimental pop royalty. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons I won’t get into here, their sound didn’t carry to a long play format and Shrines was monotonous and unengaged . Enter Boston producer Mood Indigo, presumedly named after the eponymous Duke Ellington cut. Back in June, he uploaded a choppy, off-kilter instrumental jam called “Dive” that immediately evoked Gold Panda’s more beat-ortiented work. The song simmered on Bandcamp for a while, largely ignored (by us at least) despite its brilliance. Three months later, Mood Indigo uploaded the People EP. The rest will be history.

Infusing his own vocals into the equation, the four track EP picks up where Purity Ring left off. Dark, hip hop-derived pop songs that don’t boom or bap (despite the omnipresent 808’s) as much as they envelop the listener. Mood Indigo is no Purity Ring knock off though. The four songs on People show more breadth and ingenuity, especially in the song writing, than all of Shrines. There is virtually no information about Mood Indigo floating around the internet so the music stands on its own without any image-related shenanigans. The EP is a little pricy at $7, but give it a test ride below and see what you think. You can grab “Dive” for free at Mood Indigo’s Bandcamp.