Still Anonymous Mood Indigo Keeps New Tunes Coming

Boston’s Mood Indigo continues to churn out impressive new tunes, each with their own intriguing cover art, at an impressive pace. “Moon Hands” and “Two Times Yellow” are of the slightly off-beat vocal variety as opposed to his more Gold Panda-esque beat work. On “Moon Hands”, he (whoever he is) sings “sentiments is nothing, when I put in your head”, invoking an all-important sense of yearning that pervades Mood Indigo’s subject matter and instrumental work. It’s the type of cold dissociation found in The Weeknd’s music, minus the profuse drug and sex references. “Two Times Yellow” is another breakup song built on strained vocals and a haltering beat, replete with plenty of empty space. Both songs are unsettling and far from melodic, but still manage to be infectious in their sincerity. You can download “Two Times Yellow” now, but you’ll have to chunk up 20 cents for “Moon Hands.

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