Groundislava Remixes Shlohmo’s “Ghosts Pt. 2”

“Ghosts Pt. 2” was the first Shlohmo song I ever listened to and marked the beginning of my fanboy-like adoration for the man some know as Henry Laufer. It’s been a treat to witness him grow as an artist and explore new territories with every release, but it all started with the twinkling piano of “Ghosts Pt. 2” off of 2009’s Shlo-Fi EP. Apparently, Groundislava remixed the track and has been rinsing it in his live sets as of late with great success. So much success that a groundswell of requests brought him to let the bootleg loose on the public. Following Groundislava’s recent inclinations towards house music, the delicate keys of the original fuses with a funky bassline and the result is really just sublime. Songs like this are the reason why I love writing about music so much. Both Shlohmo and Groundislava have soundtracked some of the best and worst moments of my adult life and for that, I thank them. A download would be great, but in the meantime, just keep the Soundcloud window open and vibe to it.

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