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Our second ticket giveaway of the week comes in the form of Jacque Greene‘s triumphant return to the City of Angels, brining with him a bevy of talented friends including Groundislava, Low Limit, Mike Penthouse and Patrick Brian. Taking over Los Globos this Saturday (12/13/14), Greene will be flexing out a new live set that will hopefully elevate his R&B-driven ballads into rarified territory. The Montreal-based producer has spent the better part of the past five years releasing on a who’s who of labels, including Night Slugs, UNO, LuckyMe and 3024, and he’s starting to take on the roll of scene figurehead, driving the Francophone city’s scene in new and exciting directions, as well as exporting some of its finest homebred talent.

Enter your favorite R&B ballad or maybe a tip top track from Jacques himself into the box below for a chance at a pair of tickets to tomorrow’s happenings. And if you don’t end up winning, come through anyways. Tickets are here and it’s going to be a special night.

In his brief solo career, Jerome LOL has made quite the name for himself producing some of the most tactful pop music you’ll find on the world wide web (IRL 2). Yesterday we caught Jerome remixing Rihanna and today he’s given the treatment to labelmate Groundislava’s Feel Me standout “TV Dream”. The dreamy, propulsive original is drenched in nostalgia, but Jerome submerges it deep into a much of reverb, making it sound like nothing found on this planet. The remix slowly coalesces around a steady kickdrum until the infectious vocal chops of the original emerge from the sea. More brilliance from Mr. Potter. Stream and download below.

“Ghosts Pt. 2” was the first Shlohmo song I ever listened to and marked the beginning of my fanboy-like adoration for the man some know as Henry Laufer. It’s been a treat to witness him grow as an artist and explore new territories with every release, but it all started with the twinkling piano of “Ghosts Pt. 2” off of 2009’s Shlo-Fi EP. Apparently, Groundislava remixed the track and has been rinsing it in his live sets as of late with great success. So much success that a groundswell of requests brought him to let the bootleg loose on the public. Following Groundislava’s recent inclinations towards house music, the delicate keys of the original fuses with a funky bassline and the result is really just sublime. Songs like this are the reason why I love writing about music so much. Both Shlohmo and Groundislava have soundtracked some of the best and worst moments of my adult life and for that, I thank them. A download would be great, but in the meantime, just keep the Soundcloud window open and vibe to it.

Ryan Hemsworth’s work to this date has covered much of the ground where hip hop and dance music meet, often extrapolating into unknown territories. This willingness to experiment with new sounds has allowed Hemsworth to effortlessly traipse across the electronic music landscape, mastering sounds as divergent as soul-based house to straight up wavy hip hop. As both his best and most complete product, the Last Words EP (out now on Wedidit) stands as a signifier of the hard work Hemsworth has put in over the past several years. Of course, Hemsworth isn’t going to stop experimenting and progressing. His latest remix is of label-mate Groundislava’s Bath-assisted “Suicide Mission” and sees Hemsworth trying his hand at juke. Taking the original’s sanguine rhythms and warping them into hyper-speed, Hemsworth creates a sort of distended dance track, not really fit for a club, but also a little too hyperactive for normal headphone listening. It’s like if you ingested a bunch of cough syrup and dexedrine at the same time. Or something like that (not that I would know). Anyways, the remix is presumably part of an upcoming single, which will hopefully include other Wedidit members. Stream below.

First off, I think “Clique” blows. Neither Hova or Ye really perform and I clearly don’t need to delve into Mr. Anderson’s fallacies. This Gil Cool guy though? I can fuck with it. Stripping the verses from the original, Groundislava mutates the original into a thumping ride-along anthem. I get the same feeling listening to this remix that I did when I first heard “Big Spender”. Who wouldn’t want to ride around with their whoadies vibin’ to this? Stream below.

I remember seeing Groundislava (along with Shlohmo, Salva and Tomas Barfod) at The Echoplex in LA back in May and the dude just owns the stage. Besides being a fairly large human and dressing in what I assume pimps in the suburbs wore, Jasper Peterson just has a huge personality and is having as much fun as anyone up on stage. If you haven’t had a chance to see him or can’t foreseen one in the near future, then his recent set at Friends of Friends’ recent Boiler Room takeover is the next best thing. You can stream the full set below and download here.

Photo by Barney Patterson

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now, we love ❤ Friends of Friends. Shlohmo, Salva, Tomas Barfod and Ernest Gonzales are some of our favorite artists and the Pop Massacre mixtapes are out of this world fiya. It’s not surprise then that their latest release, Groundislava’s TV Dream EP, is another exhibition in excellence. Eschewing much of his previous sound, largely made up of 8-bit sounds and boom bap beats, the Los Angeles-native instead embarks on a revisionist take on 80’s synth pop. TV Dream is comfortable in the realm of Summer music, while still managing to maintain enough credibility to ensure year round airtime. At only 15 minutes long, it’s a quick listen, but is quite satisfying despite its brevity. Nostalgic synths are Groundislava’s go to and he milks them to the fullest. The title track, featuring vocalist Clive Tanaka, is the clear standout and invokes the M83 sound circa 2005. It’s soaring, pensive and cinematic. The rest of the EP fails to keep up at times, falling into cliché one too many times, but it’s not like Groundislava is pretending to embark on a brand new trail. The EP will only knock you back $5 and if you’re going to pay for music, why not give your dollars to FoF. Stream and/or buy via Bandcamp below.

Imagine a montage of poolside parties, splashing waves and scantily clad women. Now press play below. Everyone loves airy, lighthearted Summer songs and Groundislava just made the perfect soundtrack to kick off your festivities. Off of the upcoming TV Dream EP, “Weekend In The Tropics” is all timely claps, bright synths and a sweet and simple bassline. While not the most groundbreaking track, it has just enough oomph to get jiggy with and enough laidback shine to accompany the most sanguine of barbecues. TV Dream is set for a late June release on Friends of Friends. Stream and download below.

Photo by Barney Patterson

Back in high school, I was a pretty big Drake fan. I spent many a bus ride home bumping So Far Gone. To me, the mixtape was a better executed 808’s and Heartbreak with an indie sensibility and better beat selection. Some of the softer songs occasionally got on my nerves, but the truth is that it was a damn good and by far my favorite Drake release to this day. “Uptown” banged no matter how trite its Billy Joel sample was. Houstatlantavegas” was House of Balloons before House of Balloons. Inexplicably though, this was at the height of my hip hop head elitism, my favorite track on the tape though was “Succesful.” I absolutely despised Trey Songz at the time and my 05′-’07 Wayne obsession had long been over, but the track had some unknown appeal to me. Maybe it was the haunting beat? Yeah that was probably it. So Far Gone era Drake was an interesting animal. There were hints of the obnoxiously whisper-in-your-ear open-heart style that he champions today, but most of Drake’s versus centered around youthful braggadocio that would fit in better on a Rick Ross tape than on Take Care. Anyways, I couldn’t explain my love for the tape then and I can’t now.

This roundabout story brings us to the actual point of this post. You probably know that we love the Wedidit Collective. Shlohmo and Jonwayne are basically Astral Plane VIP’s at this point and RL Grime, eLan and Earnest Blount are supremely talented artists. One Wedidit member we’ve somehow ignored to this point is Groundislava. Our ignorance/negligence basically borders on criminality at this point. Well the buck stops here. Groundislava aka Jasper Peterson, you’re our man. We’ll start off with your latest feat, a re-imagining of “Successful” (see how I brought it all together, eh?).

Stripping the original of its dark, steady beat, Peterson adds in a stumbling drum machine, soft synth pads, and a shit ton of reverb. It sounds Trey Songz is singing through a sock in his mouth. I enjoy that image. Drake sounds muffled as well, but his vocals sound more like he’s down and around the corner of a hallway. The remix maintains the original’s pop-sensibility, but only barely. The track excels where the original failed. Instead of focusing on Drake’s sometimes childish verses, Wayne’s infantile verse, or Songz’s obnoxious vocals, the track puts the focus on the arrangement of the vocals and hands the reigns over to Groundislava to do his magic. If you managed to read through this entire overwrought post, then congratulations. Hopefully, you just listened to the track and got the gist of what I was saying in 1/100 of the time. Stream the remix below.