While he normally rolls through Los Angeles with a crew of affiliates, whether they be Ikonika and/or Scratcha DVA or a posse of Teklife greats, Hyperdub bossman Kode9 holds more than enough weight to carry a night by himself and this Sunday he’s headlining Union with a local lineup heavy on 160 business. If you’ve caught Kode9 in recent years you’ll surely have received a good deal of footwork and with 6Blocc, The Professionals and the Juke Bounce Werk team providing support for the night the crowd better be ready for a barrage of hyper-speed alien rhythms. 2015’s Nothing LP, Kode9’s first solo effort and a paean to the late great Spaceape, was also somewhat slept on so it’s time for the London legend to take his proper crown on this tour. We’ve got two pair of tickets to give away for Sunday’s show so if you want to experience a seminal UK artist tear down Union’s Funktion One system then write in your favorite Hyperdub album below and we’ll contact you day of show if you win. Otherwise, grab tickets and RSVP for the night here and we hope to see you out on the floor come Sunday.


3025 is one of the latest party companies to arise out of Los Angeles, pushing an eclectic array of sonic styles at cheap (or free) prices out of their home base at Silver Lake venue Los Globos. Two weeks from today (March 29), 3025 is bringing out one of our absolute favorites in Air Max ’97, contributor to our debut Heterotopia compilation, resident at Melbourne’s club_ESC and head of the up-and-coming DECISIONS label. AM97 will be joined by Los Angeles’ own Alfred English (Infinite Machine) and Suspect Bitch (Club Aerobics), two artists pushing club sounds into ever-more elastic and spastic territory. We couldn’t be more excited to see AM97 and crew bring it mid-week so we’ve partnered with 3025 to give away two pairs of tickets to the night. Following their mission, tickets for the night are only $5 (with RSVP), but enter your favorite AM97 track below and you might just be able to skip over that already low cost. See you on the floor.


We’ve been lucky enough to catch Mumdance and Rabit on separate occasions here in Los Angeles over the last year-plus, but on March 18th the good people at Union and Still III have booked both modern day legends and brought on Letta & Patrick Brian for a b2b session as well as CybersonicLA resident and co-founder Sha Sha Kimbo. We’ve been blessed with a slate of unreal parties so far this year, but booking these two is a real coup and loading up the bill with a collection of local favorites only makes the event even more can’t miss. If you were lucky enough to make it, you’ll remember that Letta and Patrick Brian went b2b for the first time at our Clubfriends party last year and the duo have been tearing it down with dub-heavy sets ever since.

It’s probably fair to say that we don’t need to explicitly espouse the virtues of Mumdance or Rabit, but each have absolutely brought it the last two times out, the former with a blistering set a warehouse rave and the former at Union (then known as Jewel’s Catch One). Few artists tangibly expand and distort the boundaries of the genres and cultures they exist in, but these two absolutely have and continue to manufacture sounds that are uniquely and entirely there own. Enter your favorite Mumdance and/or Rabit tune below to enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets to next Friday’s (March 18) show. We’ve got two pairs this time around and I’d love to see some folks out so put your name in and we’ll see you on the floor.


If you’ve followed the site and/or regularly tune into our Radar Radio show, you’ll know that DJ J Heat is one of our absolute favorite Jersey club producers and this Saturday, he’s headlining Wile Out Presents Ghetto Musick at Los Globos alongside Gianni Lee and Alfred English. Despite hearing Jersey played on a regular basis around Los Angeles clubs and parties, it’s all too rare that one of the culture’s more genuine purveyors come through so Saturday is set to be a special affair and to celebrate we’re giving away a pair of tickets. All you have to do is enter your favorite J Heat remix (ours is “Never Gon Lose”) and you’ll be put in a pot. We’ll be contacting winners Saturday morning.

We also spoke with J Heat over email about his musical lineage (his father was a DJ at legendary Newark club Zanzibar), the release he’s working on for Night Slugs and how he chooses remix source material. As one of the most prodigious and hardworking artists in the culture, it’s a pleasure to have him out to Los Angeles so don’t miss out on this one. Find more info on Wile Out here and grab yourself a ticket to Saturday’s party here.

Hi John, how are you? Have you played in Los Angeles before?

Hey I’m great and you self !? No this will be my 1st debut I’m very excited haha.

I’m good! When did you start making music? Does your family have a musical background?

I’ve been making music since I was like 10. Yes my father was a Zanzibar Dj and my uncle Dj money got me into club music and he was always keeping me busy as a kid.

How did your connection with Night Slugs come about? Do you have a release on the label in the works?

I’ve been in touch with Bok Bok and L Vis 1990 for a while on the internet based they were interested in a slew of songs I had Thru Internet communication. We recently just linked in the summer of 2015. Yes I have my 1st EP being released by them I’m super excited for everyone to hear what I’ve been working on I want every the world to experience jersey how it’s suppose to be experienced.

You’ve done an extensive amount of remix work and I consistently come back to your work as some of the best in the Jersey club world. Especially like your “Never Gon Lose” and “Moments In Love” remixes. How do you choose your source material? And how do you differentiate yourself from the other Jersey club producers remixing the same songs?

Thank you that truly means allot to me as a person who loves and respects our culture and been doing it for so long .
“Never Gon Lose” and “Moments In Love” is a favorite amongst my work due to the fact of ideas i run across on the daily. I choose my material thru the outputs ideas and sources that are available to me. It all comes thought out and finessed as i work thru out the track. And I been that way I’ve always have been a person with a signature style different from the usual.

What else do you have planned while you’re out here in LA?

I plan to work with as many friends, supporters and people who would love to learn about the jersey culture. Eat some in and out hang in the studio and spread the sound and built a relation to all the supporters of the jersey club culture.


Few artists have seen a meteoric rise to critical and popular success like Gary, Indiana’s Jlin, rocketing from relative anonymity to one of the experimental dance music’s world absolute darlings. Tomorrow night (12/17), the footwork pioneer and fellow Planet Mu representative Traxman will be taking over Los Globos for another edition of Still Life, the night functioning as Jlin’s Los Angeles debut. If you’ve given even a cursory listen to Jlin’s Dark Energy, you’ll surely have been consumed by its raw force, tracks like “Guantanamo” and “Mansa Musa” pushing the limits of the footwork format and offering up some of the most interesting vocal manipulation techniques we’ve heard in years. Rightfully so, the album has been racking up year end awards, including a spot in our Favorite Club Tracks Of The Year, and this show should be a huge celebration of all of her work this year. Enter your favorite Dark Energy track below to enter to win a pair of tickets and we hope to see you out on the floor. More info on the night here and advance tickets can be found here.



It’s a stacked post-Thanksgiving weekend here in Los Angeles and it closes out on Sunday with Response, a new night at The LASH that’s bringing out Seattle’s Kid  Smpl and New York’s Eaves for the first gig. We’ve been huge fans of Smpl for a while and the Hush Hush/Symbols rep contributed our latest Astral Plane mix, a visceral journey through noise-y club tropes, Future and plenty of originals from his latest Response/Ascend EP (out now on Symbols). The bill is filled out by Princee and DJ Vrizon Wirlss and is going down at The LASH, home of our monthly Clubfriends night. It’s $10, but we’ve got a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky winner. All you have to do is enter your favorite track from Response/Ascend and you’re entered. RSVP for Response here and hope to see you all out there.


Next Thursday, Los Globos will be hosting This Is Not A Test!, an all female club night featuring Awful representer Tommy Genesis, Jersey club queen UNIIQU3 and KJ$ (aka Kreayshawn)! We’re lucky enough to have a pair of tickets to giveaway to those of you in LA and all you have to do is enter your favorite track from Genesis’ standout World Vision LP from earlier this year. You can find more info about the night here and grab tickets here.


It has been a good while since we’ve brought you a giveaway for IHEARTCOMIX’s Club IHC series, but this Thursday’s throw down is just too good to pass by. Plastician and Swindle, coming in from London, headline the traveling talent while Los Angeles’ own Kastle, Patrick Brian and Swelta round up the drop dead bill. Expect plenty of classic East and South London sounds, as well as a heap of new band-oriented material from Swindle (although he’s only bringing out the DJ set for this date). Plastician has been running game on his Rinse FM slot and pushing eclectic big room sounds via his Terrorhythm outlet, all while working with some of the biggest MCs around and facilitating a reeducation among young fans in the roots of grime and dubstep. Kastle has an excellent new EP coming next month on his own Symbols label and has taken his own productions and his label is increasingly abstract, boundary pushing places as of late. And if you’re not familiar with LA’s own Patrick Brian and Swelta, then you have to hop on the train soon because these too should be heading up bills in the not so distant future. Enter your favorite Swindle classic below for a chance at a pair of tickets to Thursday’s show. Tickets can be found here and more info can be attained here.

RUN with sheen

For the second consecutive weekend Los Angeles’ RUN crew are bringing through a huge lineup to Shambhala Studio, Saturday’s (7/25) affair headlined by Night Slugs representative SHEEN (formerly Georgia Girls). It’s rare that an artist with no official release and barely any material out garners so much critical attention, but SHEEN has a slew of support in no small part because everything he’s released to date has been remarkably on point. From the first few edits of Night Slugs hits surfaced to his recent Nguzu x JoJo blend, everything SHEEN has touched turns to gold and his recent shows on Radar Radio show he has the curatorial skills to match his efforts behind the boards. Filling out the bill on Saturday are Zernell, DJ Chap, Pachuco, TenTwentySeven and RUN’s collection of excellent residents. We’ve got a pair of tickets to give away for Saturday’s throw down, available in exchange for favorite Dirty Sprite 2 track below. And despite bringing out Victoria Kim last week, expect the RUN folks to bring it just as hard on Saturday.

big dope pIn hindsight, a small Parisian label pressing tunes from DJ Tameil, James Nasty, DJ Rashad and Traxman to vinyl in the late 2000s doesn’t come across as an especially brave or counterintuitive move, but in reality, few, if any, tastemakers were talking about or buying Bmore, Jersey club or footwork at the time. With dozens of international labels (still too few) releasing the sounds of Baltimore, Newark and Chicago now, it’s easy to look back with rose tinted glasses and assume that this was always the case, ignoring the fact that few people cared about, or even knew who the aforementioned titans of Jersey club and footwork were back in the late aughts. Founded by Big Dope P in 2007, Moveltraxx was one of the first international labels to push the sounds of Jersey club and footwork, along with other visceral house-oriented sounds from Chicago (Todd Terry, Waxmaster), and introduced many fans, 18 year old myself included, to a sound that has become hugely important to contemporary dance music at large.

As a curator, Big Dope P’s legacy is unassailable, ranging from the banging Da Movelt Posse compilation series to his work with fellow Frenchmen Canblaster and Feadz, simultaneously pushing a genre bending sound on his own productions and introducing the Continent to American club music. And with a few exceptions, Big Dope P has released all of his original music on Moveltraxx, drawing together various nodes on the rap map, footwork, ghetto house,  Bmore, Jersey and Philly, spastic funk and a multitude of other genres into his own kinetic productions. His latest release, the Hit Da Blokk EP, is one of his few excursions beyond the confines of Moveltraxx and comes on Nightwave‘s Heka Trax label. Comprised of three originals (one a collaboration with Feadz) and remixes from Rustie, Ikonika, DJ Earl and DJ Tim Dolla (vinyl exclusive), the EP trespasses across traditional dance music structure, filtering the maximalist spirit of Glass Swords into a stripped down, footwork-inspired framework. It’s huge, over-the-top club music and Big Dope P executes it perfectly, showing off a keen understanding of his source material as well as the will to go above and beyond his influences.

To celebrate the release of the white vinyl edition of Hit Da Blokk, Big Dope P is bringing out a number of friends, Feadz, Nightwave, Joseph Marinetti, Dudley Slang and Maribor, for a party in London. Going down at Birthdays in Dalston on August 7, the Moveltraxx don’s set will likely sound something like his entry to our mix series, part workout club trax, part throw your hands in the air rap fun and part clattering, factory rhythms. It’s fun as hell to run to and I can’t imagine tracks like “Ibogance” and “Hit Da Blokk” won’t sound good on the Birthdays system. Along with the mix, Big Dope P has gifted us two pairs of tickets to the release party, a can’t miss opportunity for our London readers to catch a real club music innovator with a cadre of friends and likeminded artists. Find more info on the party here and enter to win a pair of tickets after the jump. You can also find the (packed) track list after the jump and be sure to tune in to Big Dope P’s regular slot on Radar Radio.

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