Giveaway: Still Life w/ Jlin & Traxman @ Los Globos (Thursday, 12/17)


Few artists have seen a meteoric rise to critical and popular success like Gary, Indiana’s Jlin, rocketing from relative anonymity to one of the experimental dance music’s world absolute darlings. Tomorrow night (12/17), the footwork pioneer and fellow Planet Mu representative Traxman will be taking over Los Globos for another edition of Still Life, the night functioning as Jlin’s Los Angeles debut. If you’ve given even a cursory listen to Jlin’s Dark Energy, you’ll surely have been consumed by its raw force, tracks like “Guantanamo” and “Mansa Musa” pushing the limits of the footwork format and offering up some of the most interesting vocal manipulation techniques we’ve heard in years. Rightfully so, the album has been racking up year end awards, including a spot in our Favorite Club Tracks Of The Year, and this show should be a huge celebration of all of her work this year. Enter your favorite Dark Energy track below to enter to win a pair of tickets and we hope to see you out on the floor. More info on the night here and advance tickets can be found here.


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