Ryan Hemsworth Remixes Groundislava’s “Suicide Mission”

Ryan Hemsworth’s work to this date has covered much of the ground where hip hop and dance music meet, often extrapolating into unknown territories. This willingness to experiment with new sounds has allowed Hemsworth to effortlessly traipse across the electronic music landscape, mastering sounds as divergent as soul-based house to straight up wavy hip hop. As both his best and most complete product, the Last Words EP (out now on Wedidit) stands as a signifier of the hard work Hemsworth has put in over the past several years. Of course, Hemsworth isn’t going to stop experimenting and progressing. His latest remix is of label-mate Groundislava’s Bath-assisted “Suicide Mission” and sees Hemsworth trying his hand at juke. Taking the original’s sanguine rhythms and warping them into hyper-speed, Hemsworth creates a sort of distended dance track, not really fit for a club, but also a little too hyperactive for normal headphone listening. It’s like if you ingested a bunch of cough syrup and dexedrine at the same time. Or something like that (not that I would know). Anyways, the remix is presumably part of an upcoming single, which will hopefully include other Wedidit members. Stream below.

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