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baths odsidianBaths has always been one of the most talented producer/singers out there, mixing pot and pan percussion with blunted synth work and his now signature falsetto. If one was going to level any criticism on the man born Will Wiesenfeld, it would have to be focused on his song-writing. While the wavering quality in Baths’ vocal material might be intentional, it’s also fairly clear that he wasn’t the most comfortable behind the mic on 2010’s Cerulean. It appears that the Los Angeles-native might just have found his sea legs though. “Miasma Sky” is our first taste of his upcoming Obsidian LP and features Wiesenfeld’s strongest vocal work to date. Instead of immersing himself in the mix, the vocals float wistfully over a progressively funky bassline and understated drum hits. It’s clear that this is a Baths song, a strong indicator that Obsidian will expand and improve upon Cerulean‘s strong points. Stream below and look out for Baths’ sophomore LP on May 28.

Emily Wells is a multi-talented, Los Angeles based violinist who released an album, Mama, back in April that received generally positive feedback, Wells’ music is pleasant enough, but not really in the vein of tunage that we feature at The Astral Plane. Earlier this week though, Wells posted Mama Remixed to her Soundcloud and I’ll be damned, but it might just have one of the most impressive producer lineups of any release you’ll listen to all year. Salva, Jeremiah Jae, Baths, Teen Daze, Dan The Automator and more contribute, but Kid Koala steals the show with is mellow, noise-leaning take on “Passenger”. Stream the Kid Koala remix below and grab the full album for free here.

Will Wiesenfield aka Baths has carved out a unique place in the bass music world, one in which pop song writing exists. Damn good pop song writing at that. Geotic is Wiesenfield’s ambiant side-project and it’s a damn good side-project. With one very solid album as Geotic under his belt, the project actually shares a lot of the same features as Baths. Beatific piano and field recordings are common in both for example. Geotic represents the simplified, boiled down version of Wiesenfield’s vision and it is oh so beautiful. Stream new Geotic song “Forest Floor”, featuring M. Luna, below and grab the MP3 here.

Ryan Hemsworth’s work to this date has covered much of the ground where hip hop and dance music meet, often extrapolating into unknown territories. This willingness to experiment with new sounds has allowed Hemsworth to effortlessly traipse across the electronic music landscape, mastering sounds as divergent as soul-based house to straight up wavy hip hop. As both his best and most complete product, the Last Words EP (out now on Wedidit) stands as a signifier of the hard work Hemsworth has put in over the past several years. Of course, Hemsworth isn’t going to stop experimenting and progressing. His latest remix is of label-mate Groundislava’s Bath-assisted “Suicide Mission” and sees Hemsworth trying his hand at juke. Taking the original’s sanguine rhythms and warping them into hyper-speed, Hemsworth creates a sort of distended dance track, not really fit for a club, but also a little too hyperactive for normal headphone listening. It’s like if you ingested a bunch of cough syrup and dexedrine at the same time. Or something like that (not that I would know). Anyways, the remix is presumably part of an upcoming single, which will hopefully include other Wedidit members. Stream below.

Jimmy Tamborello, also known as Dntel, is best known for the part he played in The Postal Service back in the day. However, he’s still cranking out music under his Dntel moniker, and he has a new album called Aimlessness due out on June 5th via Pampa Records. Today we bring you a brand new track off the upcoming album. This one is called “Still,” and it features the lovable Baths, who contributes his signature choppy vocal glitches in a far more subtle way than we’ve seen before. The track is somewhat wistful and contemplative, with muted kicks and fuzzy side-chaining, and the whole thing is a little dissonant in a very pleasing way. Stream “Still” below, and then catch Dntel’s “Bright Night,” another single off Aimlessness, just below that.