New Track from Dntel and Baths

Jimmy Tamborello, also known as Dntel, is best known for the part he played in The Postal Service back in the day. However, he’s still cranking out music under his Dntel moniker, and he has a new album called Aimlessness due out on June 5th via Pampa Records. Today we bring you a brand new track off the upcoming album. This one is called “Still,” and it features the lovable Baths, who contributes his signature choppy vocal glitches in a far more subtle way than we’ve seen before. The track is somewhat wistful and contemplative, with muted kicks and fuzzy side-chaining, and the whole thing is a little dissonant in a very pleasing way. Stream “Still” below, and then catch Dntel’s “Bright Night,” another single off Aimlessness, just below that.

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