The Evolution Of Clams Casino On Benji B’s Exploring Future Beats

Last July, Clams Casino was featured in FACT Mag’s mix series. The mix was released around the time that Clams’ buzz was growing to a deafening level, following the release of the Rainforest EP. Despite the overwhelming love for his original productions, Clams’ mixing skills were obviously lacking and the mix came off as terse and uninspired. A lot has changed. Last night, the New Jersey producer hit up Benji B’s Exploring Future Beats Show on BBC Radio One (we love our future beats) and proceeded to play a spattering of “VERY rare instrumentals” and UK bass cuts. The inclusion of tracks from across the pond like Jai Paul’s “Jasmine”, Girl Unit’s “Ensemble” (off of the upcoming Club Rez EP), and Hudson Mohawke’s remix of Battles’ “Rolls Boyce” shows not just improved track selection, but a newfound level of respect. Like many have said in the past, Clams is more than a hip hop producer. The mix also includes some love for LA via Mono/Poly’s “Los Angeles”, a new Omar-S track, a little Spaceghostpurrp, a little Evian Christ, and once again, plenty of “RARE” beats. The mix is titled “The Evolution of Clams Casino,” a name that couldn’t be more apt. Stream the mix over at BBC and download here. Find the full tracklist after the jump

A$AP Rocky — Wassup

Jai Paul — Jasmine (Demo)

Clams Casino — Illest Alive

Jessie Ware — 110%

Battles — Rolls Boyce (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

Jamie xx — Touch Me

Lana Del Rey — Blue Jeans (The Internet Remix)

Paris Atelli — The Return of Tokyo Fresh

Evian Christ — Myd

Mono/Poly — Los Angeles

Kanye West — Mercy (Feat. Pusha T, Big Sean & 2 Chainz)

XV — Swervin’ (Clams Casino Remix)

Clams Casino — Untitled

Spaceghostpurrp — The Black God

1000names — Take Your Time

Actress — The Serpent

Fhloston Paradigm — Ft013

Omar-S — Wayne County Hill Cops Pt. 2

Face & Dego — No Fear

Ill Blu — The Clapper

Girl Unit — Ensemble

Wbeeza — Peckham Fly

Black Orange Juice — Messing Around

Zed Bias — The Heavy Water Riddim

Die & Mensah — Firing Line

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