New Ab-Soul – “SOPA”

We’ve noted several times that Ab-Soul is the next Black Hippy to take the spotlight. First it was Kendrick took over with the arrival of Section.80, then Schoolboy took center stage via Habits & Contradictions. No doubt Jay Rock is waiting in the wings. “SOPA” is another swaggering cut in the vein of Schoolboy’s “Nightmare On Figg St.” that maligns rap cliches with an effortless bluster. It always seems like these guys are just fucking around in the studio. Ad libs abound. Vocal cadences change at the drop of a dime. Dialogue between the MC’s is distinct and sarcastic. For the self-described nerd and suburbanite of the group, Ab-Soul goes harder than 99% of MC’s out there, managing to sound menacing within a deep, complex rhyme scheme.

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