The Idiot’s Guide To Club Music With Dubbel Dutch

I’m usually pretty against paraphrasing press releases (they usually suck) and view stenography as the lowest form of journalism. But when a press write-up defies convention and actually contributes an appropriate lens to view a release though. The accompanying write-up to Dubbel Dutch‘s new single, “Self Help Riddim” does just that: “Unmoved by the impersonal, drop-oriented focus of contemporary dance music, he challenges the listener to consider the sensual and the uplifting in an apocalypse obsessed era.” Recently signed to the riddim heavy Mixpak Records, the dancehall influences are clear in his music, but they haven’t always been. Dubbel Dutch has been churning out club tunes for a few years now, but “Self Help Riddim” has a more physical and human nature about it than any of his past releases. It also happens to be his best. Built around a simple, warm melody, the track is as infectious as they come and is a welcome departure from more machine-oriented club music. It’s interesting to listen to the Delivery song I posted earlier and “Self Help Riddim”, both club tracks in a sense, back to back. Both squarely aimed at the dancefloor, but eliciting nearly opposite emotional effects. They’ll both get your hips moving, but your mind will be in two entirely different places. Look out for “Self Help Riddim” tomorrow (October 23) and stream below.

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