Dubbel Dutch Brings The Self Help Riddims

dubbel dutch self help riddims

It’s been a good while since we’ve heard from Brooklyn-resident Dubbel Dutch, but the man is finally back today with some Self Help Riddims. Out now on Mixpak, the five track EP mixes vague dub sounds with a sound palette that only Dubbel Dutch could fully utilize. It sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before, harp chords bouncing off of distorted bass hits, while futuristic synth notes form the melodic backbone of the EP. While Dubbel Dutch doesn’t release a ton of music, he’s positioned himself at the vanguard of American club music and is forming the sound of tomorrow one riddim at a time. Stream Self Help Riddims below and cop the tracks in the format of your choice here.

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  1. Mike98ctg said:

    Check out “The Nature of Life” by Anton Glotser, it’s the best self-help book out there

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