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If ridiculously catchy Caribbean melodies, expansive, always changing rhythmic structures and female patois vocals are your thing, then Dubbel Dutch is your man. Having imprinted his name on the American club scene years ago, Dubbel Dutch’s third EP on Dre Skull’s Mixpak imprint, titled Cloud Club, sees the Brooklyn-based producer fully realizing the sound he laid out on the Self Help Riddim and Hymn EPs. There’s a little something for everyone here, whether it’s a challenging take on soca, dancehall or a Caribbean bend on Jersey club. The vocal mix of “Deepa” is arguably the EP’s standout, matching lung compressing sub bass with entrancing patois vocals and a reverb heavy melody that will be stuck in your head for days. Like all Dubbel Dutch songs, “Deepa” is wonderfully paced and subtle,  yet replete with relatable pop tropes. The Cloud Club EP is out now on Mixpak. Hit the jump to stream it in its entirety.

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dubbel dutch

Dubbel Dutch’s upcoming Cloud Cub EP (out November 12 on Mixpak) has either been completely mistimed (unless you live in the Southern hemisphere), or the man born Marc Glasser is just supremely confident in his music’s uplifting abilities. Belying the trend towards icier, cold, minimalist music come wintertime, Glasser has turned out his most effervescent track to date, the Ce’Cile covering “Inevitable”. Soca, dancehall, Jersey club and UK funky are all invoked on this riddim, but it’s the trampoline drums and nearly over-the-top, tinkling synth melodies that make the track a Dubbel Dutch riddim. It’s fair to say that there are few producers I would trust to turn out something so overtly poppy, but Glasser has turned in an incredible tune that might just light the dark months. Stream below and pre-order the Cloud Club EP here.

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It’s been a good while since we’ve heard from Brooklyn-resident Dubbel Dutch, but the man is finally back today with some Self Help Riddims. Out now on Mixpak, the five track EP mixes vague dub sounds with a sound palette that only Dubbel Dutch could fully utilize. It sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before, harp chords bouncing off of distorted bass hits, while futuristic synth notes form the melodic backbone of the EP. While Dubbel Dutch doesn’t release a ton of music, he’s positioned himself at the vanguard of American club music and is forming the sound of tomorrow one riddim at a time. Stream Self Help Riddims below and cop the tracks in the format of your choice here.

I’m usually pretty against paraphrasing press releases (they usually suck) and view stenography as the lowest form of journalism. But when a press write-up defies convention and actually contributes an appropriate lens to view a release though. The accompanying write-up to Dubbel Dutch‘s new single, “Self Help Riddim” does just that: “Unmoved by the impersonal, drop-oriented focus of contemporary dance music, he challenges the listener to consider the sensual and the uplifting in an apocalypse obsessed era.” Recently signed to the riddim heavy Mixpak Records, the dancehall influences are clear in his music, but they haven’t always been. Dubbel Dutch has been churning out club tunes for a few years now, but “Self Help Riddim” has a more physical and human nature about it than any of his past releases. It also happens to be his best. Built around a simple, warm melody, the track is as infectious as they come and is a welcome departure from more machine-oriented club music. It’s interesting to listen to the Delivery song I posted earlier and “Self Help Riddim”, both club tracks in a sense, back to back. Both squarely aimed at the dancefloor, but eliciting nearly opposite emotional effects. They’ll both get your hips moving, but your mind will be in two entirely different places. Look out for “Self Help Riddim” tomorrow (October 23) and stream below.