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With the release of the critically acclaimed Galaxy Garden LP in April, Lone not only raised his profile in a popularity sense, but gained a certain confidence that might have been lacking in his previous releases. Instead of dabbling in sample-based, Boards of Canada-indebted middle ground as he had in the past, the Nottingham-native took his euphoric productions straight to the dancefloor, crafting an impressive homage to early rave music. The various remixes and one-offs Lone has released since April have seen him experimenting with new styles and sounds, including heavier, more vocal oriented work. The results have been a somewhat mixed bag, but his willingness to expand and experiment is a sign of good things to come. Take his most recent effort, an official rework of Nathan Fake’s “Paeaan”. With a steady kick that would have been anathema to Lone just a few years ago, the track feels like an exploratory probe into a technicolor alternate universe. Euphoria is replaced by child-like wonder on “Paean” as Lone gently guides the ship into new territories. Stream below and grab Fake’s Paean EP here.

Combining Ludacris, Eminem, Nathan Fake and juke is probably a really bad idea. It’s actually a little astonishing that SCNTST even attempted this rework of Fake’s “Bumbechord”. The original is one of those songs that inhabits both dark and light space, evoking either the deepest and most depraved or the most mind splitting-ly euphoric memories from the listener. It’s the electronics version of Laura Palmer’s Theme in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks series without the cornball-ness. What SCNTST does though is  flip it into Evian Christ’s best song, the dense, atmospheric nature of the original the perfect backing for Slim Shady and Luda’s brief exhortations. This is a damn fine song. Stream below.