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In which Friends of Friends affiliate and DC/LA resident Pcoat reduces BenZel’s much remixed “Fallin’ Love” into a primordial soup of choppy synth work, heavily pitched vocals and clicking percussion. The remix repeatedly sounds like it’s going to fall off the tracks into an off-beat “experimental” mish mash, but Pcoat stays the course and steadies the project. I would expect to hear much more from this dude in the future. Stream and download below.


Never ones to dwell on the past for too long, Los Angeles based imprint Friends of Friends have kicked off 2012 in proper form with the seven track Show Me The Future compilation. We’ve already posted the Ryan Hemsworth and DJAO (both former Astral Plane interviewees!) contributions, but the remaining five joints are brimming with quality and shed quite a bit of light onto what FoF will be bringing to the table in the coming year. In the coming months, Lazy Brow and crew will hit the world with new material from new and old members of the crew including a new Shlohmo EP (!!!) and Evenings’ debut for the imprint. For now, enjoy the sublime nocturnal vibes of Smpl, the Final Fantasy-sampling Hemsworth and Dreams’ sweaty/sexy garage riddim. The tape sounds like nothing FoF has released to this point, which is exactly its purpose and whether or not you believe these to be the sounds of the future, they’re certainly thought provoking in the best possible way. Stream and download Show Me The Future below.