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With the hyperreal in mind, Murlo has emerged from a pack of young producers with an ebullient sound that matches the melodic acrobatics of soca and the vivacity of bassline with the compositional flex of grime. If that definition could embody Murlo’s sound though, the Into Mist EP (out now on Rinse’s label arm) wouldn’t be as enveloping of a listen as it turns out to be. With a visual element that proffers up the aesthetic inner-workings of the mind of Murlo, Inner Mist coalesces around four original tracks, made up of dozens of twisting, intermingling and fantasmatic melodic threads that tantalize and thrill in equal measure. I’d like to argue that Into Mist is the most fun effort to come out of the enlarged confines of grime this year, but that would involve selling its sheer beauty short. Into Mist is out now.


To say that Royal-T brought the party back into grime might be a slight reach, but the Rinse.Fm pickmaster and producer extraordinaire certainly has certainly brought grime to the party. With another EP (I Know You Want Me) coming soon (May 20) via Rinse’s label arm, it doesn’t appear that his fast and fresh roll will end any time soon. Stream a preview of the EP’s title track below and look out for a pre-order on May 6 that will include a VIP remix of 2012 hit “Inside The Ride”.


At the beginning of this calendar year, a lot of buzz was generated for Ron Morelli’s Long Island Electrical Systems label (L.I.E.S.) through its contributions to what has become known as “left-field house”. And it’s true, L.I.E.S. does churn out very weird and experimental house music, but it’s so much more than that. Operating through a preferred medium of low run white label releases, the label has re instituted a sense of rarity, both through its production methods and its general sound, that has been lacking in the electronic music-sphere. Choice releases from Legowelt, Delroy Edwards and Bookworms have defined the label to this point, but no two L.I.E.S. releases sound the same beyond a general adherence to the lo-fi. Recently, Morelli dropped by Ben UFO’s Hessle Audio slot on Rinse.FM (which should be a staple on your weekly to do list) and laid down an hour of virtually unknown L.I.E.S. tracks. I can’t say I’m familiar with more than one or two of these joints (which happens often during Ben’s slot), but the mix is incredibly engaging regardless, which is easier said than done. The general mood of Morelli’s hour is upbeat, but he doesn’t stick with one sound long enough to really apply any more audial signifiers. Oh and Ben’s first hour isn’t half bad either. We’re blessed to have shows like this pop up on a weekly basis.


Not to belabor the point, but Rinse.FM are fucking awesome. If you live outside of the UK, have a smartphone and don’t have the Rinse.FM app, then you’re slipping. There just isn’t a more consistent, boundary-pushing radio station than Rinse. As of late, the London outpost has upped their curatorial output, releasing originals from he likes of T.Williams, Roska and Royal-T. On February 4, the imprint will release XXXY’s Got Me So EP, a somewhat surprising foray into the world of soulful house jams. Of course, XXXY focuses as much on his delicate samples as he does on punishing low end making the arrangement more fitting. Stream “Studio 9 (Just Like That)” and “Got Me So” below and cop the whole EP on the 4th.

We only jumpstarted our Sounds From The Astral Plane series a few weeks ago, but this edition will (unfortunately) most likely be the last of 2012. We do have a few nice features coming your way in the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled. This week, we have two (!) Missy Elliot reworks, a quartet of amorphous mixes and more on-point Kid Smpl night bus vibes. Much love as always.

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As individuals, Blawan and Pariah are two of the most talked about names in British electronic music, both mutating and exploiting bass music into new and exciting territories. As Karenn, the duo are techno masterminds, explorers of all things dark and grimy. Last week, the duo released their second vinyl-only EP, SHEWORKS004, consisting of six stripped down/bare bones tracks with immense propulsion behind them. The EP is not for the faint of heart, but if you have a powerful system at your disposal, you would be remiss not to rinse it. And speaking of rinsing, Karenn took over Hessle Audio’s weekly Rinse.FM show last Thursday to celebrate the EP release. You can stream snippets of SHEWORKS004 below and download Pariah and Blawan’s Rinse.FM mix here (right click).