Murlo’s ‘Into Mist’ EP Out Now On Rinse


With the hyperreal in mind, Murlo has emerged from a pack of young producers with an ebullient sound that matches the melodic acrobatics of soca and the vivacity of bassline with the compositional flex of grime. If that definition could embody Murlo’s sound though, the Into Mist EP (out now on Rinse’s label arm) wouldn’t be as enveloping of a listen as it turns out to be. With a visual element that proffers up the aesthetic inner-workings of the mind of Murlo, Inner Mist coalesces around four original tracks, made up of dozens of twisting, intermingling and fantasmatic melodic threads that tantalize and thrill in equal measure. I’d like to argue that Into Mist is the most fun effort to come out of the enlarged confines of grime this year, but that would involve selling its sheer beauty short. Into Mist is out now.

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